Friday, September 05, 2008

GH: Such a Tease!

Maxie just can’t seem to keep her nose out of trouble.
Claudia and Johnny don’t see eye to eye.
Carly begs Jax not to walk out on her.

Johnny (Brandon Barash, pictured) asks Nikolas to get Lulu out of the country before she’s arrested.
Maxie ends up in Spinelli’s bed.
Sam is determined to get the goods on Jerry.

Scott is out for Maxie’s blood on the witness stand.
Jason agrees to help Nikolas get Lulu out of the country.

Robin might be having a change of heart about marriage after all.

Chaos breaks out when Lulu takes the stand at Johnny’s trial.
Sonny does his best to try and win Kate back.
Jason pushes Elizabeth away.

Anthony and Trevor have a trick up their sleeve.
Claudia spins a story when she’s called back to the witness stand.
Jerry puts Matt and Nadine’s lives in danger.

OLTL: Such a Tease!

Todd wants Marty to leave Llanview with him.
Tess forces Tina to serve as her partner in crime.
Shane makes it clear he wants nothing to do with Rex.

Natalie awakens to learn her fate.
Blair realizes that John isn’t over Marty.
Sarah is alarmed when Cristian is no where to be found.

Natalie realizes the extent of the danger she’s in.
Jared (John Brotherton, pictured) makes contact with Langston’s uncle in Colombia.
Cristian’s nightmare is just beginning.

Carlo exacts his revenge against Cristian.
Tina’s plan to undo Tess’ scheme gets thrown off track.
Gigi warns Brody she still intends on telling Shane the truth about Rex.

Roxy comforts Rex as only a mother can.
Todd discovers that Marty is able to get up and about on her own.
Langston agrees to let Dorian formally adopt her.

AMC: Such a Tease!

Kendall comes to Josh’s rescue.
Annie (Melissa Claire Egan, pictured) wants to get rid of Greenlee once and for all.
Aidan and Greenlee deal with the aftermath of their fight.

Kendall’s pleas to go easy on Josh fall on Zach’s deaf ears.
Ryan tells Annie that they’ll never be a couple again.
Annie is up to no good.

Annie sets out to put her deadly plan in motion.
Zach wants Kendall to focus on their own lives, not everyone else’s.
JR grows more and more suspicious of Adam.

Ryan takes Annie to the hospital after she collapses.
Erica isn’t used to taking no for an answer.
Zach agrees to let Josh off the hook.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Interview: Christel Khalil - The Integrity of Lily Winters

At 21, Christel Khalil has spent most of her acting career as Lily Winters on “The Young and the Restless.” When she left the role in 2005, it surprised a lot of her fans. Wise beyond her years, Christel knew that she needed the break.

“I left because of stress,” Christel tells me. “I was so young; I wasn’t able to handle it. I needed the break -- I needed the chance to relax and do what I wanted. Besides doing a guest spot on ‘Malcolm in the Middle,’ I wasn’t really doing anything.”

In the meantime, Davetta Sherwood took over the role, but the powers that be at “Y&R” really wanted Christel back. “They asked me to come back a few times, but I said no. After about a year, they asked again. I’d had a year off; I felt rested and ready to go back. Plus, I was really missing everyone.”

The character of Lily Winters is like a breath of fresh air in the every-man-for-himself world of soap operas. She has morals and compassion. Even though she loves Cane, she knows that the right thing for him to do is be there for Chloe and the baby they have together (or so Chloe has made everyone think).

“I like that Lily has morals and values. She’s not out to hurt anyone. Even through this whole Chloe thing, she finds a way to relate and have compassion for her situation. Lily and (her father) Neil are just about two of the only characters who are just nice people -- they are really honorable.”

A short while back, Lily miscarried her and Cane’s baby, which changed the way Lily viewed the world. “It matured her a lot,” Christel explains. “It made her strong, and she has a greater respect for life. It was very hard on her. It was strange, the way it all happened. She was starting to like the idea of having a baby -- she related what was going on to her mother; she wanted to be just as strong and as good of a mother as her own mother was.”

Now that there is another baby in Lily’s life -- Cane and Chloe’s -- Lily’s good character has come shining through. “Lily really cares about the baby; it doesn’t matter to her that it is in Chloe’s belly. Lily loves Cane, so she loves his baby as well. The baby comes first. Lily will always do what is best for the baby.”

But underneath that strong facade, Lily is struggling. “What makes this whole situation even harder for her,” Christel says, “is that she is supposed to be OK with the whole situation. Lily is the one who told Cane that he needs to be with Chloe, so she HAS to be OK with how things are turning out.”

Even with another woman’s baby in the picture, can Cane and Lily still have their happy ending? “I definitely think that’s a possibility. It’s not like it hasn’t been done before. She definitely can see the hope, and they can adapt and love each other in a more mature and honest way.”

After all this baby mess is over, what does Christel hope for when it comes to Lily’s future? Christel says: “She’s portrayed as smart and intelligent, but we never see it reflected in her business life. I want to see Lily become a lot like her mom -- strong, maybe a CEO or a business owner. She could open her own modeling agency and be a mentor.”

Interview: Power Play at Restless Style Magazine

Sharon Case knew going in that it would be difficult for Jack, Sharon, Nick and Phyllis to all play nice when they decided to start a magazine together. Sharon Case, who has played Sharon Abbott on “The Young and the Restless” since 1994, says that’s all part of the fun for her as an actress. “That’s what we’re hoping for, is conflict. You put these characters together in situations they normally wouldn’t be in together, and it’s fun to see what happens.”

The two couples didn’t go into this blind: They knew they were going to have their troubles working together, but as Sharon tells me: “They were hoping for the best with the conflicts they knew existed. But those conflicts didn’t outweigh the idea of creating the magazine. They can see the positive points of their partnership, even though Sharon and Phyllis do not get along. Sharon looks forward to spending time with Nick and with Jack.”

Eventually, though, someone is going to have to come out on top. And Sharon says when that time comes, there will be fireworks. “There are lots of conflicts coming up -- not only between Sharon and Phyllis, but also between Nick and Jack, and even Sharon and Jack.”

The Sharon and Jack conflict could have something to do with Jack’s need for vengeance. Nick and Phyllis just wrote an unflattering article, into which Phyllis injected some juicy tidbits about Sharon (unbeknownst to Nick). When Jack and Sharon find out, the claws will come out.

“Obviously, Sharon and Jack don’t like the article,” Sharon explains. “Jack retaliates by doing another interview. Sharon doesn’t want to keep going back and forth, especially using the magazine for personal vendettas. She just wants it to stop.”

Many fans of “Y&R” have a distinct opinion about the couples. There is a large contingency who want Phyllis and Jack back together, and want Sharon with Nick again. Sharon is flattered when she hears about the passion the show’s fans feel for the characters.

“I’m glad there are those who feel that way. If there weren’t, then they wouldn’t care so much about the current story line. The conflict wouldn’t be there, and no one would want to watch.

“I also think this is something that we all can relate to: being with one person that you love, and longing to be with another who you’ve loved longer and who really is your soul mate. It’s a tragic love story.”

But that is not to say that Sharon 
doesn’t love Jack. “She stays with Jack because she does love him -- that’s the bottom line. She could have gone with Brad; she could have gone it alone. He picked her up out of the low place she was at after her marriage broke up. Sharon sees Jack as a great security to her and Noah.”

Because of Noah, Nick will always have a place in her life. “Nick and Sharon really are soul mates. She never wanted her marriage to end; she never stopped caring. She never stopped loving him; it was circumstance that caused them to part.”

Everything that Sharon has gone through has helped her to grow into the woman she is now. “I’m glad she went through all that she has,” Sharon says. “She has matured and changed. It has been really fun to see her morph and change with the years.”

In the years to come, Sharon Case will still be excited to play her alter ego. “I try to keep her interesting even when she’s not in a front-burner story line. I’m just so glad the writers have written me so many great stories over the years, and have made Sharon who she is today.”

Inturn Winner Begins Role on ATWT

Nell Mooney, winner of CBS’s online reality series, InTurn, will begin her role on As The World Turns Monday, October 6 as Spencer McKay, a new anchor at WOAK.

GL: Such a Tease!

• Reva and Jeffrey wed.

• Lizzie (Marcy Rylan, pictured) pulls off a corporate takeover.

• Cassie delivers the news about Harley to a heartbroken Cyrus.

• Daisy ignites Grady’s jealousy.

ATWT: Such a Tease!

• Janet asks Jack to break the rules.

• Barbara is horrified when she comes face-to-face with James.

• Alison goes behind Aaron’s (Agim Kaba, pictured) back.

• Holden gets an eyeful of Lily and Mike.

Days: Such a Tease!

This Week:

Victor pays a visit to Stefano, and it’s clear they’re back in business.

Morgan reunites with her father, Paul.

Chelsea decides to move on – without Daniel.

Max and Melanie have a talk about each other’s upbringings.

Nicole befriends John and tells him Trent has a weakness he can exploit.

Thursday – Marlena asks John for a divorce.

Friday – Lucas asks Chloe to join him at the Horton cabin.

Next Week:

Lucas is awarded joint custody of Allie.

Steve calls Hope (Kristian Alfonso, pictured) to run a background check on Trent.

Tony plans to use Kate to get his share of the DiMera empire.

Lexie gets called before the hospital board to review her position as Chief of Staff.

Victor learns the truth about his and Nicole’s marriage.

Thursday – Chelsea sees Nick kiss Melanie.

Friday – Kate goes on a date with Stefano, and he proposes to her.

B&B: Such a Tease!

Donna allows herself to succumb to her feelings for Owen.

Brooke is outraged when Katie confesses about her pregnancy.

Stephanie takes matters into her own hands regarding Eric.

Nick (Jack Wagner, pictured) prepares a surprise for Bridget.

Y&R: Such a Tease!

* Victoria (Amelia Heinle, pictured) and Nick are left stunned and emotional after reading personal letters left for them by their father.

* Will Adam follow through with his elaborate plans to revamp Newman Enterprises?

* Victor has a shocking confrontation with Adam.

Tune In Alert: Night Shift

Robin must make a painful decision about her father's future when Robert goes under the knife. Meanwhile, Leo and Saira team up to save a patient, Jagger joins an autism support group and Claire butts heads with a former schoolmate on General Hospital: Night Shift TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 2 (11:00 p.m. – 12:00 a.m., ET/PT) on SOAPnet.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

AMC: Such a Tease!

Babe unwittingly invites the enemy into her home.
Adam sticks to his part of the deal with Pete.
Kathy acts out against Krystal with dangerous results.

Krystal is fed up with Tad believing Kathy can do no wrong.
Jesse gets the news he was hoping for.
Taylor comes to Randi’s rescue when Fletcher attacks her.

Annie warns Aidan to keep Greenlee away from Ryan.
Adam shares his master plan with Pete.
Kendall cautions Amanda not to get too used to being in charge.

Zach is out for Josh’s blood.
Jesse begins to open up to Angie about his life on the run.
Greenlee refuses to stay away from Ryan.

GH: Such a Tease!

Sonny and Kate’s carefree getaway hits a bump in the road.
Jason sacrifices his own happiness to protect Elizabeth.
Claudia figures out what really happened the night Logan died.

Alexis warns Jax he’s setting himself up for heartache.
Scott makes a shocking announcement.
Anna questions Robin’s motives for not wanting to marry Patrick.

Kate learns that Sonny cheated on her with Carly.
Johnny fears what Claudia will say when she takes the stand.
Maxie arrives at Jason’s ready to take care of Spinelli.

Jax and Kate set out to confront Carly and Sonny about their tryst.
Maxie may have inadvertently set a mob war in motion.
Claudia holds Lulu’s fate in her hands.

OLTL: Such a Tease!

Michael and Marcie remain at an impasse over the impending adoption.

Tina and Roxy realize they have a lot in common.

Blair and Marcie don’t take Todd’s apology at face value.

John won’t rest until he figures out who Todd’s hiding.

Tina’s a little too smart for her own good.

Tess pressures Todd to help her neutralize Tina.

Natalie confronts Clint about enlisting Jared to do his dirty work.

Cristian runs into trouble on his way back to Llanview.

Brody sets Rex up to look like the bad guy in front of Shane.

Tess puts the next phase of her plan against Natalie in motion.