Friday, September 05, 2008

OLTL: Such a Tease!

Todd wants Marty to leave Llanview with him.
Tess forces Tina to serve as her partner in crime.
Shane makes it clear he wants nothing to do with Rex.

Natalie awakens to learn her fate.
Blair realizes that John isn’t over Marty.
Sarah is alarmed when Cristian is no where to be found.

Natalie realizes the extent of the danger she’s in.
Jared (John Brotherton, pictured) makes contact with Langston’s uncle in Colombia.
Cristian’s nightmare is just beginning.

Carlo exacts his revenge against Cristian.
Tina’s plan to undo Tess’ scheme gets thrown off track.
Gigi warns Brody she still intends on telling Shane the truth about Rex.

Roxy comforts Rex as only a mother can.
Todd discovers that Marty is able to get up and about on her own.
Langston agrees to let Dorian formally adopt her.