Sunday, August 31, 2008

GH: Such a Tease!

Sonny and Kate’s carefree getaway hits a bump in the road.
Jason sacrifices his own happiness to protect Elizabeth.
Claudia figures out what really happened the night Logan died.

Alexis warns Jax he’s setting himself up for heartache.
Scott makes a shocking announcement.
Anna questions Robin’s motives for not wanting to marry Patrick.

Kate learns that Sonny cheated on her with Carly.
Johnny fears what Claudia will say when she takes the stand.
Maxie arrives at Jason’s ready to take care of Spinelli.

Jax and Kate set out to confront Carly and Sonny about their tryst.
Maxie may have inadvertently set a mob war in motion.
Claudia holds Lulu’s fate in her hands.