Friday, April 16, 2010

Interview Outtakes, Part 6

Most of the time when I am conducting an interview with a soap star, I have more interview material than space for printing the interview. Here are some blurbs from stars that did not make it to the print version of the interview, but were too good not to publish.

Sharon Case (pictured, Sharon Newman, “The Young and the Restless”): “Right now, whenever I do a scene with Nick, I am aware that the love of my life is standing next to me. We might not be together, but they still have a lot of scenes together, and they share a son together. For me, every time I am in the room with Nick, it is a love scene between Nick and Sharon. We can’t be in the same room together and it not be about love. Even if we are fighting, it is about love. It is always there. I don’t think it is really over; it is just being played continuously in another form.”

Dominic Zaprogna (Dante Falconeri, “General Hospital”): When I read (the script with the scene of Dante falling asleep before he and Lulu could finally make love), I was like: ‘No, he doesn’t fall asleep! Come on! I’ve heard of that happening before, but I didn’t think I was gonna be the one!’ However, that is the same night he leaves the hospital, and I think he’s pretty drugged up. I mean, come on, he could have a heart attack. But I think it could be worth it at this point.”

JoBeth Williams (ex-Brandy Shelloe, “Guiding Light”): “For a long time, I was a workaholic. I felt very uncomfortable if I wasn’t working. Having kids really changed my perspective, as I think it does for many people, particularly women. My husband, who is a director, and I knew that we really didn’t want to be away from our sons. You just have to make choices, and they are choices that are often hard to make. There could be work that you wanted to take, but you can’t because your spouse is away working. Once you have a family, your perspective changes on how to balance work and life.”

Eileen Fulton (Lisa Grimaldi, “As the World Turns”): “I have so many stories I could tell you from the early days of filming the show. I remember we moved to Grand Central Station for our studio at one point. There was an office building there, and we had our studio there. We came on at 1:30, and at 1:35, all the dishes in Nancy’s cabinet started to rattle. There was a train coming into the station that had a square wheel or something, and it went ba-boom, ba-boom, ba-boom.

“Oakdale is supposed to be out in mid-America, near Chicago. It always varied how near Chicago was: Sometimes it took an overnight train to get there, and sometimes someone could drive it in the half-hour the show was on. At one point, our studio was over on 57th Street near the Hudson River, and the Queen Elizabeth would come in with its horn blaring, unmistakably, and here we are supposedly in the middle of America with big ships coming to port.

“Oh, and I caught the set on fire one time – it was Cherries Jubilee. We had to start timing this thing in the morning. I had to serve this flaming Cherries Jubilee to all of the Hughes men. I had to look around and say: ‘I see we’ve all finished. Shall we go to the garden?’ In rehearsal, we went over and over it, timing all of our bites, so that we were finished eating when my line came. So we kept pouring more and more brandy into the dessert; we were looped by the time we went on the air. Grandpa Hughes ate a flaming spoonful of fire.”

Soap Stars on The Dr. Oz Show

(Dr. Oz, Eileen Fulton, Alison Sweeney and Walt Willey; Photo Credit: ZoCo Productions, LLC/ Jeffrey Neira)

Soap stars invade The Dr. Oz Show today! Check your local listings for time and station.  (See clip below.)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Days: Such a Tease!


* Hope (Kristian Alfonso, pictured) expresses her concerns over Ciara to Victor.

* Sami is shocked to find that Rafe is still looking for Anna.

* Melanie and Nathan struggle with their feelings.

* Daniel walks in on Chloe trash talking about Carly.

* Arianna and Nicole are forced to work together.

Thursday – Hope runs into a familiar face at a poker game!

Friday – Philip and Chloe comfort each other over mistaken beliefs.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Y&R: Such a Tease!

* Cover ups begin as Chance works to find Adam’s killer.

* When Olivia returns to town will Malcolm’s lies be exposed?

* Michael and Kevin search frantically for a clue before it is too late for Lauren and Jana.

* Victoria (Amelia Heinle, pictured) is forced to make a sacrifice for Reed’s best interests.

B&B: Such a Tease!

· A family receives devastating news.

· A couple learns that they are having a baby.

· Hopes for a reunion with an ex-husband are dashed for one woman.

· Guilt becomes overwhelming for a cheating spouse.

· A mother forces another to keep a colossal secret.