Friday, April 20, 2007

As the World Turns Celebrates Its 13,000th Episode!

Fresh off its 51st Anniversary (April 2), As the World Turns celebrates yet another milestone on Monday, April 23, when it airs its 13,000 episode.

SPOILERS to Help Get You Through the Weekend!

B&B: Stephanie becomes an accessory to murder after the fact, and a major coverup begins!
Passions: The Blackmailer tells Theresa she can still save her brothers -- if she has Jared's baby! Luis tells Fancy he doesn't want her visiting him in prison anymore.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

B&B Reruns Anniversary Episode

Yesterday, April 18th, "The Bold and the Beautiful" chose to rerun its special 5000th episode, which took place at the Forresters' Big Bear cabin with then-couple Brooke & Ridge and Stephanie & Eric. In light of the Virginia Tech shootings, the show delayed the episode that was to air yesterday, broadcasting it today instead, because it involved gun violence.

Technical Difficulties

Sorry we've been having some problems with the polls. Hopefully it will self-correct. If not, we'll find a new way to do polls, as I've been having problems with this program for quite a while. Thanks for your patience!

UPDATE: Yippee! Looks like the polls are working again. Whew!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

General Hospital: Night Shift Update

(Kimberly McCullough pulls double-duty with General Hospital: Night Shift)

As you all know by now, General Hospital: Night Shift premieres on SoapNet in July. But didja know that the 13 one-hour episodes will feature only the actors on GH who portray doctors, who will also still appear on the daytime version, too.

As described by the show's publicity team: Night Shift is an episodic medical mystery drama - with the thoroughfare of House, the heart of Grey's Anatomy, the medical drama of ER and the longevity of General Hospital combined.

For all of you interested, here is the rest of the press release, including the cast announcement:

Billy Dee Williams is one of the new faces who will join the cast as Toussaint, a man with a haunted past. Other cast members include: Steve Burton (“Jason Morgan”), Kimberly McCullough (“Robin Scorpio”), Jason Thompson (“Patrick Drake”), Kirsten Storms (“Maxie Jones”), Julie Marie Berman (“Lulu Spencer”), Natalia Livingston (“Emily Quartermaine”), Rebecca Herbst (“Elizabeth Spencer”), Kent King (“Lainey Winters”), Jason Gerhardt (“Coop Barrett”), Josh Duhon (“Logan Hayes”), Lindze Letherman (“Georgie Jones”), Kiko Ellsworth (“Stan Johnson”), Sonya Eddy (“Epiphany Johnson”), Minae Noji (“Kelly Lee”), Bradford Anderson (“Damian Spinelli”), Adrian Alvarado (“Cruz Rodriquez”), Derk Cheetwood (“Max Giambetti”), Richard Gant (“Russell Ford”) and Wendy Braun (“Ms. Sneed”).

“General Hospital: Night Shift” begins production on Friday, April 20th and will premiere in July. Robert Guza Jr., head writer for “General Hospital” and Jill Farren Phelps, executive producer, “General Hospital” will write and executive produce “General Hospital: Night Shift.”

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

SPOILERS for B&B, Passions and Days!

The Bold and the Beautiful: Don't miss tomorrow, when a gunshot rings out -- changing many lives forever!
Passions: This week, Noah and Paloma make love. Chad breaks into Valerie's apartment to save her from Vincent's rage. Kay begins to confess her feelings for Miguel to Fox.
Days of Our Lives: Belle and Shawn make love at last, so don't miss Thursday's episode! Also, EJ is alive, and he pays a visit to Sami on Friday. Watch out!

POLL: Who Should Win Outstanding Supporting Actress?

Monday, April 16, 2007

SPOILERS! Week of April 16th

AMC: Bianca has an important announcement regarding Paris.
ATWT: Cleo pulls off her disguise, fooling an Oakdale resident.
B&B: After reflecting on the family he could have had, Nick knocks on Brooke’s door.
Days: Kayla and Steve’s daughter, Stephanie, returns to Salem.
GH: Elizabeth admits how she really feels about Jason.
GL: Daisy reveals her true feelings to Gus, but her plan goes up in smoke.
OLTL: Starr and Cole are paired up in a high-school musical.
Passions: Vincent turns violent when Valerie accuses him of cheating.
Y&R: Victoria finally learns the truth about Brad and Sharon.