Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Days: Such a Tease!

This Week:

Victor pays a visit to Stefano, and it’s clear they’re back in business.

Morgan reunites with her father, Paul.

Chelsea decides to move on – without Daniel.

Max and Melanie have a talk about each other’s upbringings.

Nicole befriends John and tells him Trent has a weakness he can exploit.

Thursday – Marlena asks John for a divorce.

Friday – Lucas asks Chloe to join him at the Horton cabin.

Next Week:

Lucas is awarded joint custody of Allie.

Steve calls Hope (Kristian Alfonso, pictured) to run a background check on Trent.

Tony plans to use Kate to get his share of the DiMera empire.

Lexie gets called before the hospital board to review her position as Chief of Staff.

Victor learns the truth about his and Nicole’s marriage.

Thursday – Chelsea sees Nick kiss Melanie.

Friday – Kate goes on a date with Stefano, and he proposes to her.