Friday, October 17, 2008

Free to Breathe 5K, Featuring GL Stars

A request from Stephanie Gatschet (ex-Tammy Winslow, GL)

Hello friends:

On November 2nd, I will be walking in the "Free to Breathe" 5K to support the National Lung Cancer Partnership. As you know, this cause is very near and dear to my heart, as my mother is a recent lung cancer survivor. While she is doing well today, lung cancer continues to be the deadliest cancer in America. Surprisingly, it is also the least funded cancer in terms of research.

Please consider sponsoring me and my Guiding Light team, or if you're available, come walk with us!! Here is the link to our fund-raising page:

I'll be walking with Caitlin Van Zandt, Bonnie Dennison, and (probably, though not definite) Lawrence Saint-Victor.

Interview: ATWT — It's Nell Mooney's Turn to Shine

Seen exclusively on, “InTurn” is an online reality show where actors compete with one another to earn a 13-week contract on “As the World Turns,” with the winner being decided via online voting by “ATWT” and “InTurn” viewers. Having recently completed its third season, a winner has emerged — Nell Mooney. She plays Spencer McKay, a new reporter at WOAK who will become involved in the lives of Brad and Katie.

Nell is very humble when it comes to her snagging this juicy role. She explains: “It’s really awesome. I doubted the fact that I was going to make it at all. So I was quite surprised. I kind of felt like with the demographic and everything, and the way things played out, I thought, ‘No way.’”

Living, working and being with her fellow actors during the extent of the “InTurn” shoot was good preparation for life in the soap-opera world. “It was like going to soap camp, which is why I originally did it,” Nell says.

She adds: “We were shooting for such long hours, and we all sort of really enjoyed each other. We really did have a good time in the house. It was like being at acting conservatory again. I’ve been out of school long enough that I am nostalgic for it. I love that setting. You audition for so long, and you never get feedback. Your work goes into a black hole for so long, you have no idea. It was a chance for me to get some feedback on what the heck I was doing.”

But Nell proved she had the acting chops to handle her new assignment. “There is no equal to how fast the pace is on a soap. You only get one chance to do it. It’s incredibly terrifying, but also incredibly freeing. It’s like, the train is leaving and you're on it or you’re not, and you’d better be on it.”

Nell made her soap-opera debut earlier this month, and she couldn’t be more excited. “Spencer McKay is a woman with a lot of secrets, all of which I actually haven’t even learned yet. They don’t tell you anything week to week as you’re acting it.”

So, is there any truth to the rumors that she might somehow come between Brad and Katie? “It’s a bit of an onion there, layers upon layers. But you and I may have to find out together, because I actually don’t know the end result of what happens with my character. But she’s going to cause a stir, that much is for sure. I’m a little bit of a troublemaker.”

Nell is more than ready to jump head first into her new role. “They gave me an incredible role, which I am so grateful for. They gave me something really great and really juicy, and it’s just been an incredible opportunity to sort of stretch myself in ways. And working with Kathy Hays (‘Kim’) — you can’t get better than that. And there’s Terri Colombino (‘Katie’), who I am totally in love with.”

While it seems that the residents of Oakdale might not appreciate Spencer’s appearance, Nell already feels like a part of the “ATWT” family: “Everybody in the cast has been so incredibly friendly. It’s very laid-back, and everybody really respects the workplace. Everybody is like a family, and they sort of operate like one. It’s really quite nice to go to work here.”

Thursday, October 16, 2008

UPDATE: Super Soap Weekend 2008 Attendees

A few more names have been added to the roster of actors attend the latest, and final, Super Soap Weekend at Disney's Hollywood Studios in Orlando, Fla.

Kimberly McCullough (Robin) and Greg Vaughan (Lucky), both of General Hospital, will now be attending. Also on hand will be Vincent Irizarry — the just-returned Dr. David Hayward of All My Children.

Last, but definitely not least, Susan Lucci (left, pictured with me at SSW 2007) has confirmed that she will be attending SSW, even though her busy schedule is even more hectic because of her Dancing With the Stars obligations. As of this posting, she is scheduled to be participating in only the events for Saturday, Nov. 15, because of DWTS.

I knew she'd come around. I mean after all, she has been to every SSW since it's inception, so she couldn't miss the final one, could she?

Interview: YR's Ashley Abbott Is Back, Again!

It seems like just yesterday that Ashley Abbott showed up in L.A., had a short-lived relationship with Ridge Forrester and then quickly disappeared into the background. Initially, they had big plans for Eileen Davidson on “The Bold and the Beautiful,” sister soap to “The Young and the Restless.” But those plans soon fell by the wayside, as did Eileen’s screen time.

Eileen explains how Ashley made her way back to Genoa City: “Billy Bell Jr. asked me to meet with him — he had discussed with Brad that they didn’t have any story for me over at ‘B&B’ — and he asked me to come back to ‘Y&R.’ I said yes, of course — that was back in May.”

Although Eileen has only just returned to the “Y&R” set, she picked up right where she left off. “It was great to be back. I’ve been shooting scenes with Peter (Bergman, Jack Abbott), Beth (Maitland, Tracey Abbott) and Billy Miller, the new actor who plays Billy Abbott.”

Although Eileen’s time on “B&B” might have been shorter than expected, she definitely does not have any bad feelings about leaving. “My leaving was more story-line dictated. I know Brad had big plans, and I don’t take it personally. The story went someplace else — that happens all the time.

“I think of it as a cool turn of events: ‘Y&R’ let me go, Brad picked me up, and now I am back at ‘Y&R.’”

There is always a chance that Ashley will be back in L.A. for shorter visits, as she has done in the past when the story line necessitated it. “I hope so,” Eileen admits. “I really like working there.”

Eileen remains tight-lipped about Ashley’s future in Genoa City, but not because she is being evasive. “There is only so much I know,” she explains. “They are keeping the story line under wraps, even from the actors.”

She is excited that Jabot seems to be coming back to the forefront for the Abbott family, with Jack planning his maneuver to wrestle the company away from Jill and Kay. “I love that. Jabot has been there longer than I have — it always plays a signature role on the show, and it should.”

With Eileen’s return, viewers can expect to see a slightly different Ashley. “Ashley has gone through a lot of different things — her character is kind of reborn a bit.”

Eileen herself has been reborn a bit, in a way, as an author. In her free time, she has written “Death in Daytime,” a murder/mystery set in the soap world. “It has a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff. It’s really tongue-in-cheek and was a lot of fun to write.” (Buy it here on

Eileen co-wrote the book with mystery writer Robert Randisi. “Writing is my first love,” Eileen says, “and I am being paid by Penguin to learn how to do it. I am also lucky that I have Bob to write it with me. My husband (Vince Van Patten) had written a book with him about the poker-playing world (‘The Picasso Flop: A Texas Hold’em Mystery’). We were having dinner one night and I said that we should write something about the soap-opera world. We just kind of went from there.”

Whether she will be writing more novels in the future, Eileen hesitates to say one way or the other. “I’m really taking it one day at a time. We’ll see how it sells, how it’s received. My daytime job is very time-consuming. With my children and my husband, I have a very full life. But I’d never count anything out.”

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

James E. Reilly Has Passed Away at 60

(from TV Guide):

James E. Reilly, a sometimes controversial soap scribe who twice served as Days of Our Lives' headwriter and created the supernatural-themed Passions, passed away over the weekend, at age 60, Soap Opera Digest reports. Reilly was recovering in the hospital from cardiac surgery when he died.

"James Reilly was one of the most profoundly lovely human beings in our industry," his agent and longtime fiend Jonathan Russo tells Digest. "He was a towering person in our industry who had a tremendous faith in God and Catholicism, as anyone who watched Passions knows. Everyone will miss him."

Reilly ruled the bible at Days from 1992 to 1997 (during which he gave us Marlena's possession) and again from 2003 to 2006, at which time he set loose the "Salem Stalker" in a bid to boost ratings. The serial slayer appeared to snuff veteran characters such as Abe, Roman, Doug and Alice (god bless her donuts), but ultimately the "deceased" were revealed to be held captive on island replica of Salem called Melaswen ("New Salem" backward).

Between his Days gigs, Reilly created for NBC a new soap named Passions, and served as headwriter until its cancellation earlier this year. As headwriter of Guiding Light, Reilly's staff won a Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series Writing in 1993.

NS Sneak Peak - Season Finale

Episode 214 ("Past and Presence, Part 2") – In the aftermath of the explosion, Patrick and Jagger rush to diffuse a second bomb, while Robin, Kyle, Leo and Epiphany fight to save Saira's life. Meanwhile, Anna (special guest star Finola Hughes), Robert and Jagger all make life-altering decisions and Kyle and Claire reconcile on the season finale of General Hospital: Night Shift, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 21 (11:00 p.m. – 12:00 a.m., ET/PT) on SOAPnet.

Days: Such a Tease!


* Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson, pictured) confronts Daniel about his relationship with Kate.

* Nicole begins to experience intense abdominal pain.

* Chelsea tries to make dinner plans with Nick.

* Max breaks up with Stephanie.

* Melanie decides to leave Salem while she still can.

Thursday – The killer takes aim and fires at Sami.

Friday – Daniel reveals Kate’s final test results.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Join the Rock the Soap Three-Day Cruise

As part of the Daytime’s Division’s ongoing new initiative to reach fans in more cities, more often, SOAPnet will serve as the presenting sponsor for the maiden voyage of “Rock the Soap,” a three-day cruise (from Los Angeles to Mexico) hosted by Bob Guiney that will set sail March 20-23. The cruise will be filled with top soap stars from “All My Children,” One Life to Live,” “General Hospital,” “Days of our Lives,” “As the World Turns” and “The Young and the Restless.”

Throughout the cruise, fans will have a chance to mix and mingle with their favorite stars. Stars confirmed to date include “All My Children’s” Rebecca Budig, Melissa Claire Egan, Thorsten Kaye, Eden Riegel, Michael E. Knight, Aiden Turner and Bobbie Eakes; “One Life to Live’s” Kassie DePaiva, Kathy Brier, Susan Haskill and Bree Williamson; “General Hospital’s” Kelly Monaco, Kimberly McCullough, Jason Thompson and Brandon Barash; “Days of our Lives’” Bryan Dattilo; “As the World Turns’” Van Hansis and Jake Silbermann; “The Young and the Restless’” Greg Rikaart, Thad Luckinbill and Elizabeth Hendrickson, and “The Bold and the Beautiful’s” Constantine Maroulis.

“Rock the Soap” will offer fans a unique opportunity to have laid back interactions and exciting musical moments with the stars. Festivities throughout the cruise feature musical performances, book signings, meet & greet sessions, optional beach parties and even a chance to sing Karaoke with your favorite soap stars, as well as some other very special ‘one of a kind’ moments to be announced.

*All talent participation is subject to change.

For updates on the soap star lineup and more information about “Rock the Soap,” fans can log onto and

B&B: Such a Tease!

· Taylor’s (Hunter Tylo, pictured) admission shocks everyone … including herself.

· Stephanie finally gets what she wants, but not quite the way she wants it.

· A long-awaited kiss occurs.

· Ridge walks in on one of his worst fears.

· Owen turns to an unlikely source to help Donna.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Y&R: Such a Tease!

• Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott, pictured), J.T. and Victoria devise a plan to protect Victor. Will Heather and the authorities fall for it?

• Despite the authorities' concern for Michael's safety, he puts himself in harm's way in an attempt to persuade River to come forward.

• As Amber and Phyllis fight on the national radio show "Loveline," Daniel is forced to make a confession.

• After Karen expresses her concerns about Tyra to Neil, Tyra and Ana frantically show up in Genoa City. Will Neil convince them to stay?

• When Paul finds out about Heather's investigation, he is caught between helping his daughter and protecting a close friend.

GL: Such a Tease!

• Bill (Daniel Cosgrove, pictured) desperately searches for Lizzie.

• Dinah turns to Mallet for help while getting in deeper with Grady.

• Reva tells Jeffrey she needs to find a life of her own.

• Cassie and Cyrus face serious consequences.

ATWT: Such a Tease!

• Lily comes to Dusty for help.

• Emily and Paul team up to get what they want.

• Carly (Maura West, pictured) and Jack can’t keep their hands off each other.

• Katie suspects Spencer of foul play.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

OLTL: Such a Tease!

Viki’s sudden return threatens Tess’ plan.
Fate intervenes to help Tina out of her latest mess.
John (Michael Easton, pictured) puts the screws to Janet.

Dr. Joplin begs Todd to abandon his plan for Starr’s sake.
Tess has Jared and Natalie right where she wants them.
Tina and Tess scramble to keep Viki in the dark.

Gigi comes up with a plan to see Rex.
Dorian will stop at nothing to prevent Ray from taking Langston away from her.
Cristian manages to make contact with Sarah.

Tess thinks she’d better skip town while she still can.
Bo shares his suspicions with Viki.
Gigi evens the score with Adriana.

Dorian tries to undo the plan she’s already set in motion.
Clint has second thoughts about taking Langston away from Dorian.
Chaos breaks out when all concerned parties converge at the airport.

GH: Such a Tease!

Kate turns to Carly for help.
Olivia gives as good as she gets when she faces off with Claudia.
Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn, pictured) discovers some unsettling information about Sam.

A reckless Sonny places himself in danger.
Kate and Olivia disagree about Kate’s relationship with Sonny.
Sam witnesses Jerry meeting with Karpov.

A flirtatious Claudia gets under Diane’s skin.
Maximus knows more than he’s letting on.
Sam’s on a mission to uncover what Jerry’s really up to.

Maxie and Spinelli form a plan to break Lulu out of Shadybrook.
Nikolas and Nadine finally get things right.
Tracy manages to track down a wayward Luke.

Sonny makes a drastic move when Jason refuses to give him what he wants.
Spinelli’s actions don’t bring him the results he was hoping for.
Tracy ends up in hot water when she tries to help Luke.

AMC: Such a Tease!

Greenlee confides to Kendall that her marriage is over.
Kendall learns Annie’s secret.
Jack finds out what Erica is really up to with Adam.

Greenlee can’t deny her true feelings any longer.
Erica and Carmen have it out over Jack.
Zach warns Annie not to threaten him or his family.

Zach and Kendall are back on track.
Annie shares her fears about being stalked with Ryan.
Taylor gets the news she’s been waiting to hear.

JR (Jacob Young, pictured) is fed up with Adam’s manipulations.
Opal’s premonition about an impending disaster starts to come true.
Kendall urges Greenlee to stop fighting what she feels.

Greenlee gives in to her feelings for Ryan.
After cheating death, Zach makes a shocking discovery.
Many lives are in peril as disaster strikes Pine Valley.