Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sabrina Says Bye-Bye to Genoa City

Only five months into her 3-year contract, the gorgeous Raya Meddine has been let go from The Young and the Restless. Word has it that viewers did not take to her character, especially her becoming involved with a much-older Victor Newman, and marrying him after a few short weeks. Add to that the fact that she was supposedly pregnant with his baby — when fans will remember that Victor has had a vasectomy — well, it must have been too much for viewers to suspend their disbelief.

A preview of the show gives a glimpse of a tragedy happening in conjunction with the Charity Ball, so we are left to speculate that might be how Sabrina will be making her exit. A final airdate has not been announced. We'll give you more information as it develops.

I interviewed Raya a few months back, and she was thrilled to be a part of the show, and loved working with Eric Braeden and the rest of the cast. I'm sure she'll be sad to leave all her new friends and co-workers, and I'll be sad to not get to see what the future held for her character.

Good luck, Raya. You are such a bright and talented young actress, I know you'll land right on your feet in a new and even more-exciting project!

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Behind the Scenes: Days' Food Fight!

Who doesn't love a good, old-fashioned food fight? Check out the behind-the-scenes footage of the latest predicament that Sami Brady finds herself in on Days of Our Lives:

The Acrobatic Antonio Sabato Jr.

We've all been talking about Antonio Sabato Jr.'s return to Port Charles on SOAPnet's General Hospital: Night Shift, but you may not know that he has been kicking butt on NBC's Celebrity Circus. Check out his most recent appearance.

Catch him tonight at 10/9c on NBC!

SPOILERS: B&B, Days, GL, Passions and Y&R

This Week:
• Felicia devises a plan to get rid of Donna.
• A couple says "I do."
• Ridge and Brooke make a shocking announcement.
• The battle for Forrester Creations begins.
• Owen's true motives are revealed.

Next Week:
• Philip receives an anonymous letter from someone that claims to know what he’s done.
• Ava and John make love on the rooftop.
• Chloe visits Lucas before he’s transferred to maximum security.
• Max and Stephanie figure out Melanie Layton’s whereabouts.
• Daniel decides to stay in Salem and sublets an apartment.
Thursday – Bo confesses to Steve that he stole police evidence.
Friday – Ava’s bodyguard takes aim at Morgan, but Philip dives into the line of fire.

This Week:
• The evidence in Jeffrey's shooting doesn't add up.
• Ashlee befriends a mysterious stranger.
• Dinah confesses the truth to Frank.
• Remy brightens up Ava's day.
• Mallet tries to start over.

Next Week:
Monday, July 21
• Kay and Miguel are married!
• Sheridan asks Luis for a favor before he says his vows.
• Theresa fantasizes about marrying Ethan.

Tuesday, July 22
• An unexpected wedding guest causes Sheridan to faint.
• Sam’s video camera catches Gwen and Rebecca confessing.
• Tabitha performs Norman and Mrs. Wallace’s wedding.

Wednesday, July 23
• Antonio has returned!
• Ethan leaves the church in search of Gertrude.
• Demons arrive to destroy Tabitha.

This Week:
• Jack publishes a damaging article about Sabrina’s past, causing conflict with Nick and Phyllis and threatening to tear up their partnership.
• Colleen and Amber clash about Adrian.
• Michael agrees to help Jeff and Gloria with their scheme – for a price.
• Jill and Brad form an alliance.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Spoilers! Week of July 14th

AMC: Adam gets a visit from Jesse about Richie's case.
ATWT: Parker overhears Jack talking about Carly's affair.
B&B: Eric reluctantly hands control of Forrester Creations over to Ridge.
Days: Nicole tells Ava why Trent is blackmailing her.
GH: After meeting with a Russian mobster, Sonny is tempted to return to the life.
GL: Cyrus finds a way to earn his brother's freedom by taping Reva's confession.
OLTL: Viki and Dorian are in a car wreck together. Don't forget to watch next week's anniversary special with some familiar faces!
Passions: SORASing alert! Cute little Endora resurfaces but in the form of a teenager.
Y&R: David's former stepdaughter is found dead, and Paul learns about David's aliases.