Monday, October 25, 2010

Interview Outtakes

Jane Kaczmarek (ex-“Felicity,” ex-“Party of Five”) on how she told me how she and ex-husband Bradley Whitford are able to make it work since getting divorced in 2009: “Brad and I have a really wonderful relationship. The marriage couldn’t work anymore, but I think that we still have an incredible fondness and love for each other that we really want our kids to see as we become friends. We just think of it as a family that lives in two different houses.”

Eric Braeden (Victor, “The Young and the Restless”) on avoiding another catastrophe in New Orleans: “I know specifically that Germany sent the most modern sump pumps to New Orleans. That was never mentioned. No one ever heard about it. If you want to solve the problem in New Orleans, get engineers from Holland and Germany and they’ll fix it. I promise you, they’ll fix it. And they don’t build those jokey damns that they have. I mean, it’s laughable what they had there. They have, in Holland and Germany, lived with the violent North Sea for centuries. They know how to build damns. They really do. I have friends in Germany. They immediately offered help. The Army Corps of Engineers are doing something, but I don’t think they are very capable necessarily. Get the engineers from Holland and from Germany, where they have dealt with the violent North Sea for centuries. They know how to do it, trust me.

David Charvet (ex-“Melrose Place”) on why he didn’t attend Comedy Central’s roast of David Hasselhoff: “I was invited to it, but I didn’t go. I love David and really respect him. I know these roasts can get pretty mean, and I just didn’t want to do that to him.”

Patricia Wettig (ex-“thirtysomething”) on going back to school to get her MFA in playwriting: “Honestly, I think I was getting a little bored, creatively. As an actress you always have to wait for somebody to come to you. You have to be given a script or you have to have something to do. And I felt like I had a lot of stuff that I wanted to express myself. I just recently did a play that I wrote up at New York State and Film. And it was such a successful reading and I was so excited. So I’ve been having a really good time writing lately. The truth is I’ve always written. The first paycheck I ever got as an actress, I bought a typewriter. So it was always there.”

Y&R: Such a Tease!

• After Phyllis’ (Michelle Stafford, pictured) article on Diane hits the stands, no one is safe from Diane’ s wrath.

• When Victoria ups the ante in the lawsuit against Victor, will Victor settle or decide to fight dirty?

• Meggie starts on the final phase of her plan to become the next Mrs. Victor Newman.

• Sharon has a surprising offer for Nick and Noah.

• Chloe jumps to the wrong conclusion when she sees Kevin in an intimate situation with an unlikely companion.

B&B: Such a Tease!

· Inappropriate behavior leads to a physical altercation between long-time rivals.

· A deceptive woman reverts back to her former ways when she schemes to advance herself in her career.

· A jilted lover finds comfort at the bottom of a bottle and in the arms of another woman.

· An overbearing father taunts his son about the extreme differences between them.

· Someone gains a new outlook on their existence after a life-changing experience.