Thursday, March 22, 2007

Former Passions Star Enters Rehab

Jesse Metcalfe, who originated the role of superhunk Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald on Passions, and later gained further hunk-type notoriety for his turn as John the gardener on Desperate Housewives, has checked himself into an L.A.-area rehab facility to "deal with alcohol issues."

The actor's rep told The New York Post: "He realized he had a problem and was anxious to deal with it immediately," adding that he "hopes that the media will allow him the privacy to deal properly with his treatment."

The 28-year-old actor has been creating a rukus around L.A., creating scenes with alcohol-induced erratic behavior, getting kicked out of hotels (The Mondiran) and bars, etc. As recently as Saturday night, according to one of my fave gossip columnists, E!'s Ted Casablanca, he was seen bar-hopping to at least four different clubs: Area, Mood, Element and Xenii.

I'm glad Jesse has been proactive in battling his demons, and here's to hoping for his successful treatment.

Get Your Double Dose of Teen Angst on SOAPnet

Two popular primetime teen dramas have been added to the SOAPnet cable channel’s new line-up. Whether you want to relive the drama or catch what all the hype was about, starting April 9th you can watch “The O.C.” and “One Tree Hill” weekday afternoons.

SOAPnet is also shuffling their roster of daytime soaps. Here’s the new schedule: “One Tree Hill” at 5 p.m.; “The O.C.” at 6 p.m.; “Days of Our Lives” at 7 p.m.; “All My Children” at 8 p.m.; “One Life to Live” at 9 p.m.; “General Hospital” at 10 p.m.; and “The Young and the Restless” at 11 p.m.

The hit CW series “One Tree Hill” takes place in a small North Carolina town (filmed in the charming coastal town of Wilmington, N.C.) and focuses on the lives of two brothers. One is the popular basketball player Nathan (James Lafferty), the other an outsider but also talented B-baller Lucas (Chad Michael Murray). Incidentally, “Guiding Light” fans might recognize Bethany Joy Galeotti (formerly Joie Lenz), who played Michelle Bauer Santos circa 1998-2000 and portrays Haley Scott on "OTH."

“The O.C.” is set on the West Coast, in the affluent Orange County, Calif., and tells the story of Ryan Atwood (Ben McKenzie), a troublemaker adopted by public defender Sandy Cohen (Peter Gallagher). He soon falls for Marissa Cooper, played by fashion- and gossip-blog icon Mischa Barton.

So there you have it, two more reasons to watch SOAPnet, and if you don’t have the channel, call your local cable provider before you go into withdrawal!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

POLL: Who Should Win Outstanding Lead Actor?

Alan-Michael OUT!

Michael Dempsey brought the character of Alan-Michael back to Springfield more than a year ago, but A-M never re-caught on with fans, so unfortunately, he's out. Four actors have portrayed adult Alan-Michael, however this latest incarnation was perhaps the least successful (however, I'm not too sure how I feel about A-M #3, Michael Dietz).

Those in-the-know at Guiding Light insist that just because Alan-Michael is being written out of the show, it doesn't mean that he shot Alan. There are also no plans to recast the role.

If I had any say in the matter, first and foremost I'd like Rick Hearst (A-M #2) back as A-M, but he's got a nice gig over at General Hospital that I don't see him wanting to leave anytime soon. So, how 'bout we get a real blast from the past (Why not? ATWT is doing it by re-casting Scott Bryce as Craig Montgomery!): the original A-M, Carl T. Evans (featured photo). He's a total cutie-pie who also has the cockiness that A-M needs, w/o being off-putting. What do you think?

Monday, March 19, 2007

SPOILERS! Week of Mar. 19th

AMC: Babe and Little Adam do a disappearing act after the lights go out at the mansion.
ATWT: Casey learns the truth about his brother.
B&B: Ridge, Brooke, Rick and Phoebe visit Sydney, Australia, for business and pleasure.
Days: Frustrated with Steve's apathy regarding EJ, Kayla sets out to expose the smug DiMera's bad deeds herself.
GH: Jax puts himself out there for an emotionally and physically drained Alexis.
GL: Josh faces a long prison term in the attempted murder of Alan Spaulding. Is he willing to make the sacrifice for Cassie?
OLTL: Natalie is on cloud 9 after she gets her wish.
Passions: Fancy washes her hands of Luis and tells her Aunt Sheridan she can have him!
Y&R: Brad finds Victoria seeking comfort from her former lover JT.