Thursday, January 17, 2008

Y&R Preview - February Sweeps

* Victor's other son returns, Victor Jr.
* Nikki learns something unexpected about her fiance, David Chow.
* Jack, Nick and Phyllis go into business together, which doesn't make Victor very happy.
* Lily and Cane get more involved just as Lily's modeling career takes off, which could lead her to places she's better off not going.
* Jack and Sharon are forced to share the Abbott Mansion with Jeff and Gloria, which does not go smoothly to say the least.
* Gloria's plan to turn the tables on Jeff backfires.
* Michael fights to dismiss the murder charge against Victor. Michael and Lauren are pulled deeper into Gloria's mess.
* Victoria wakes and is reunited with her baby. She plans her wedding with J.T.
* As his love life and career seem to disintegrate, Brad might just become a bad boy (if not a pool boy) again. Wait, isn't he one already?
* Amber and Daniel's friendship takes a surprising turn. Amber finds an unexpected ally in Katherine, who needs Amber to keep a secret.
* Victoria receives a visit from an old friend from the art world, who just might wind of being a potential love interest for dear old Dad.

Monday, January 14, 2008

SPOILERS! Week of Jan. 14th

AMC: Dr. Angie Hubbard (played by the role's originator, Debbi Morgan) returns to Pine Valley to consult on an important case.
ATWT: A major character's nine lives are up when he/she is found murdered!
B&B: Brooke kidnaps Jack after smelling alcohol on Taylor's breath.
Days: Lucas gets a surprise visitor in jail.
GH: Monica is keeping a secret from her family. Are her old demons resurfacing?
GL: Harley is tempted by Cyrus away from Springfield. Later, she gets a shocking, unpleasant surprise.
OLTL: Clint and Nora decide to tell Bo about their newfound happiness together.
Passions: The serial killer chooses her next victim, who may or may not be one of Esme's lovers.
Y&R: Jana's tumor defense pays off when Heather drops the charges.

For Those Who Missed Jonathan the First Time ...

... or would like to relive Tom Pelphrey's greatest hits as Guiding Light's Jonathan Randall, check out some video clips on There is also some behind-the-scenes footage featuring Pelphrey

Pelphrey returns the week of Jan. 21st to exact some deserved revenge after his beloved Tammy Winslow (pictured above) was killed last year, but he has found a way to live on through the love of his daughter Sarah. Jonathan returns to Springfield as friends, family and enemies memoralize Sarah.

Stephanie Gatschet will appear as Tammy on Jan. 22, 23 and 25.