Thursday, January 17, 2008

Y&R Preview - February Sweeps

* Victor's other son returns, Victor Jr.
* Nikki learns something unexpected about her fiance, David Chow.
* Jack, Nick and Phyllis go into business together, which doesn't make Victor very happy.
* Lily and Cane get more involved just as Lily's modeling career takes off, which could lead her to places she's better off not going.
* Jack and Sharon are forced to share the Abbott Mansion with Jeff and Gloria, which does not go smoothly to say the least.
* Gloria's plan to turn the tables on Jeff backfires.
* Michael fights to dismiss the murder charge against Victor. Michael and Lauren are pulled deeper into Gloria's mess.
* Victoria wakes and is reunited with her baby. She plans her wedding with J.T.
* As his love life and career seem to disintegrate, Brad might just become a bad boy (if not a pool boy) again. Wait, isn't he one already?
* Amber and Daniel's friendship takes a surprising turn. Amber finds an unexpected ally in Katherine, who needs Amber to keep a secret.
* Victoria receives a visit from an old friend from the art world, who just might wind of being a potential love interest for dear old Dad.


Anonymous said...

God are we as in Victor and Nikki fans going to get some relief and have them back together?

Dana Block said...

I'm sure it will happen someday, but I don't know when. Maybe May sweeps? :) They can't keep them apart forever.