Monday, January 14, 2008

SPOILERS! Week of Jan. 14th

AMC: Dr. Angie Hubbard (played by the role's originator, Debbi Morgan) returns to Pine Valley to consult on an important case.
ATWT: A major character's nine lives are up when he/she is found murdered!
B&B: Brooke kidnaps Jack after smelling alcohol on Taylor's breath.
Days: Lucas gets a surprise visitor in jail.
GH: Monica is keeping a secret from her family. Are her old demons resurfacing?
GL: Harley is tempted by Cyrus away from Springfield. Later, she gets a shocking, unpleasant surprise.
OLTL: Clint and Nora decide to tell Bo about their newfound happiness together.
Passions: The serial killer chooses her next victim, who may or may not be one of Esme's lovers.
Y&R: Jana's tumor defense pays off when Heather drops the charges.