Thursday, October 25, 2007

Y&R Star Releases Debut Album!


October 23, 2007, Los Angeles, CA – Adrienne Frantz releases her much-anticipated debut album "Anomoly" on October 30th in stores nationwide, including Virgin Megastore and Best Buy. The album from Wrong Records ( is produced by Daniel Wise (Scissor Sisters, My Chemical Romance, Maceo Parker). Adrienne immersed herself by recording at The Shed, a penthouse studio located in the heart of New York City, which has been a creative oasis for artists ranging from John Mayer to Rod Stewart to The Secret Machines.

Adrienne plays the role of the devious yet well-meaning Amber on CBS’ #1 rated daytime drama The Young and the Restless which airs daily around the globe for loyal fans in more than 100 countries. She originated the role on The Bold and the Beautiful. Those who follow B&B have seen the talented actress' singing voice featured many times on the show, both as Amber Moore and Amber's twin sister, rock 'n' roll singer April Knight. She won the Best Female vocalist award at the 1997 International Music Awards.

What fans probably don't know is that Adrienne has been taking voice lessons since soon after learning to walk and has never abandoned her dream of having a successful singing career to go along with her acting work. She has even built her own recording studio in the basement of her Hollywood Hills home.

The album can be previewed at her Myspace Page: It is also available via iTunes and

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Happier Days for Hunter

Below is a little tidbit from my interview with Hunter Tylo (conducted just a few weeks before the tragic drowning death of her son). We have all been so shocked and saddened by the news, I thought it might be helpful to remember a happier time for this beautiful actress. This was the final question of our interview, and she after she answered, she thanked me for such a fun interview and for bringing up so many wonderful memories for her.

I asked her what some of her favorite/funny/outrageous memories were for her during her 17 years of playing Dr. Taylor Hayes on The Bold and the Beautiful. Here was her answer:
One of the most funny scenes to film were the Big Bear cabin scenes with Ian Buchanan (who played James Warwick). Our cabin had caved in during a blizzard. We were covered in fake ice and snow, they whitened our skin, we had gelatin crystals added with water that they put in our hair, eyebrows and eyelashes to look like ice.

Bob Barker was in the studio next door and he had received a bomb threat (because of his work with PETA and other animal services. I guess that brings out the crazies! -- Cindy's note, not Hunter's). So we all evacuated to the Farmer's Market at the back of the building. So Ian and I are walking around, forgetting what we look like, and people are looking at us. The tourists are wondering what the heck we're doing. We just laughed when we realized what we looked like. Ian and I still laugh about that.

Days/GH Vet to Join ATWT

(Wally Kurth with Judi Evans on Days of Our Lives, back in the day.)

Actor Wally Kurth, best known to audiences as Ned on General Hospital and Justin on Days of Our Lives, has signed on to play the character of Sam on As the World Turns. His first airdate is Wednesday, November 28. Since being bumperd to recurring status on GH in 2005, Wally has kept busy with a show on SoapNET called 1 Day With ... - where he spent a day with a soap star.

While I am glad to see Wally returning to daytime television, I was hoping to see him rejoining on-screen wife Judi Evans on Days of Our Lives -- since her character returned to Salem earlier this year. However, I won't fuss -- I'll take him wherever I can get him. And I'm sure ATWT will put him to good use!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

SPOILERS for B&B, Days, Guiding Light, Passions and Y&R!

This Week:
* Nick begs Taylor to open her heart.
* Ridge learns about the truth about Taylor’s baby.
* Brooke gets a visit from an uninvited enemy.
* Katie and Thorne’s relationship blossoms.
* Stephanie struggles to plead her case.

Next Week:
* Sami and Lucas head to Santo Domingo.
* An unlikely character aids Nick and Chelsea.
* Steve makes plans for his daughter's happiness.
* Marlena confesses her thoughts for revenge.
* EJ confronts Steve and Kayla.
* Lucas worries about changing family dynamics.
Thursday - Kate learns the truth about Sami's twins.
Friday - Stephanie exposes Ford and his dirty deeds.

Stephanie Gatschet returns as Tammy to help her mom, Cassie, through a difficult time.

Next Week:
Monday, October 29
* Gwen and Ethan rush the baby to the hospital.
* Vincent continues to torment Eve.
* Tabitha makes it look like Kay committed murder!

Tuesday, October 30
* Fancy and Esme make a shocking discovery.
* Kay thinks Ivy has killed Tabitha.
* Gwen and Ethan's baby could die!

Wednesday, October 31
* Theresa stands up to Rebecca.
* Vincent pushes Eve to the brink.
* Tabitha returns as Kay is about to be arrested.

Thursday, November 1
* Gwen refuses treatment for her dying baby.
* A guilty Eve takes drastic action.
* Tabitha forces Kay into a deal.

This Week:
A tragic building collapse at Clear Springs traps friends and foes, changing them forever. Enemies are forced to form alliances and bystanders become unlikely heroes. Even as the injured are pulled from the wreckage, lives remain in danger, and the likelihood of survival decreases. Loved ones can only wait for word as each hour means less hope.

Dawson's Creek Star to Join Grey's Anatomy

According to Variety, Joshua Jackson is set to appear in several episodes of the medical drama Grey's Anatomy. Best known as my fave Dawson's Creek alumnus -- cutie-patootie Pacey Witter -- Joshua's first appearance is scheduled for the 11th episode.

Now, I don't watch GA, but this might make me start! Paging Dr. Witter ... Cindy needs you, STAT!

Monday, October 22, 2007

OLTL Actor Arrested!

Nathaniel Marston (Michael) and Daniel Oliver/Zachary Richard Frisch (Tommy) - Photo courtesy ABC.

According to The New York Daily News, Nathaniel Marston (Dr. Michael McBain, One Live to Live) has been arrested for allegedly attacking three innocent bystanders early Sunday morning in New York City. According to the article: "Police said the 6-foot-3 actor appeared to be under the influence of narcotics, possibly cocaine, when they were called to the scene. Marston, a former amateur boxer, began flailing his arms and kicking at officers as they went to arrest him, officials said."

The article continues: "Marston was charged with two counts each of felony assault, reckless endangerment and criminal possession of a weapon as well as one count of resisting arrest. He was taken to Bellevue, where he was labeled an emotionally disturbed person, police said."

According to Salvatore Cabibbo, one of the people Marston allegedly assaulted: "He was crazed - I don't know the guy from a hole in the wall. I've never seen anything like that."

A source close to Marston and OLTL said that he has been an emotional wreck in recent days, and last week his behavior led to a blowup on the set of OLTL.

Interview With Hunter Tylo

Below are excerpts from my interview with Hunter Tylo, as she discusses the revelation that Brooke's donor egg was used with Nick's to impregnate Taylor:

Now that Taylor has given birth to Nick and Brooke’s baby (Brooke’s donor egg was mistakenly used in the in-vitro procedure), can she ever be truly happy with the situation? “Taylor doesn’t want that at all,” Hunter says. “She definitely has a problem with that. I mean, we all see how well Brooke can keep promises. Taylor is beyond freaked out by this. She will take desperate measures for her new family.”

Hunter also feels that Taylor not only worries about Brooke, but about the health of her baby throughout all this. “As a medical doctor, Taylor knows that this is the most crucial time in an infant’s life. They need to resolve this quickly. Taylor needs this time to bond with the child. If she is emotional and not happy, this could have lasting, long-term effects on the baby. She needs to get this cleared up with Brooke right away.”

When Hunter first learned of the way this story line was heading for her character, she reveals: “I was very happy. We’ve seen just about every other paternal problem there is — not knowing who the mother is, now that is a new one.”

Hunter is looking forward to Taylor getting down and dirty if she needs to, too — for the sake of her baby. “If Taylor begins to see that Brooke is using her biological child to get to Nick, you can bet it won’t be pretty. Taylor is getting to the end of her rope (when it comes to Brooke).”

The entire Hunter Tylo interview will be available on Friday, Oct. 26. If you paper does not publish the Daytime Dial interview column, request that they do. In the meantime, you can use a little Google magic and find the interview online, beginning this weekend.

SPOILERS! Week of Oct. 22nd

AMC: Tad and Hannah strike up a flirtation at the Comeback.
ATWT: The awesome foursome is breaking up: First Casey, now Maggie. Maggie leaves Oakdale for college while Gwen and Will receive some bad news.
B&B: Stephanie finds out who's been keeping Eric company while she's been away - and it's not who she thinks!
Days: Belle makes a confession to Hope, who says she'll keep her secret under one condition.
GH: Carly receives another creepy text message after she accepts her invitation to the ball.
GL: Someone from Cassie's past agrees to help her get custody of Will.
OLTL: A charmed Renee invites Jared to live at the mansion.
Passions: Someone keeps trying to murder Esme's lovers. Will Jake get picked off too?
Y&R: Victor and Nikki await news on their children who were caught in the building collapse.