Monday, October 22, 2007

OLTL Actor Arrested!

Nathaniel Marston (Michael) and Daniel Oliver/Zachary Richard Frisch (Tommy) - Photo courtesy ABC.

According to The New York Daily News, Nathaniel Marston (Dr. Michael McBain, One Live to Live) has been arrested for allegedly attacking three innocent bystanders early Sunday morning in New York City. According to the article: "Police said the 6-foot-3 actor appeared to be under the influence of narcotics, possibly cocaine, when they were called to the scene. Marston, a former amateur boxer, began flailing his arms and kicking at officers as they went to arrest him, officials said."

The article continues: "Marston was charged with two counts each of felony assault, reckless endangerment and criminal possession of a weapon as well as one count of resisting arrest. He was taken to Bellevue, where he was labeled an emotionally disturbed person, police said."

According to Salvatore Cabibbo, one of the people Marston allegedly assaulted: "He was crazed - I don't know the guy from a hole in the wall. I've never seen anything like that."

A source close to Marston and OLTL said that he has been an emotional wreck in recent days, and last week his behavior led to a blowup on the set of OLTL.


Dana Block said...

Jeez, not again! Several years ago he was arrested for attacking an ATM machine. Poor guy, hope he gets help soon.