Monday, October 22, 2007

SPOILERS! Week of Oct. 22nd

AMC: Tad and Hannah strike up a flirtation at the Comeback.
ATWT: The awesome foursome is breaking up: First Casey, now Maggie. Maggie leaves Oakdale for college while Gwen and Will receive some bad news.
B&B: Stephanie finds out who's been keeping Eric company while she's been away - and it's not who she thinks!
Days: Belle makes a confession to Hope, who says she'll keep her secret under one condition.
GH: Carly receives another creepy text message after she accepts her invitation to the ball.
GL: Someone from Cassie's past agrees to help her get custody of Will.
OLTL: A charmed Renee invites Jared to live at the mansion.
Passions: Someone keeps trying to murder Esme's lovers. Will Jake get picked off too?
Y&R: Victor and Nikki await news on their children who were caught in the building collapse.