Monday, October 22, 2007

Interview With Hunter Tylo

Below are excerpts from my interview with Hunter Tylo, as she discusses the revelation that Brooke's donor egg was used with Nick's to impregnate Taylor:

Now that Taylor has given birth to Nick and Brooke’s baby (Brooke’s donor egg was mistakenly used in the in-vitro procedure), can she ever be truly happy with the situation? “Taylor doesn’t want that at all,” Hunter says. “She definitely has a problem with that. I mean, we all see how well Brooke can keep promises. Taylor is beyond freaked out by this. She will take desperate measures for her new family.”

Hunter also feels that Taylor not only worries about Brooke, but about the health of her baby throughout all this. “As a medical doctor, Taylor knows that this is the most crucial time in an infant’s life. They need to resolve this quickly. Taylor needs this time to bond with the child. If she is emotional and not happy, this could have lasting, long-term effects on the baby. She needs to get this cleared up with Brooke right away.”

When Hunter first learned of the way this story line was heading for her character, she reveals: “I was very happy. We’ve seen just about every other paternal problem there is — not knowing who the mother is, now that is a new one.”

Hunter is looking forward to Taylor getting down and dirty if she needs to, too — for the sake of her baby. “If Taylor begins to see that Brooke is using her biological child to get to Nick, you can bet it won’t be pretty. Taylor is getting to the end of her rope (when it comes to Brooke).”

The entire Hunter Tylo interview will be available on Friday, Oct. 26. If you paper does not publish the Daytime Dial interview column, request that they do. In the meantime, you can use a little Google magic and find the interview online, beginning this weekend.