Tuesday, November 06, 2007

SPOILERS! Week of Nov. 5th

AMC: Lily could find herself in over her head again when she takes a liking to psychotic Richie.
ATWT: Evan Walsh Jr. comes to Oakdale and asks Craig for a job. (InTurn winner Ryan Serhant makes his debut.)
B&B: Stephanie receives a delivery from a "secret admirer."
Days: The attempted murder of EJ has many suspects, and Lucas doesn't help his case by hiding his gun from Bo.
GH: Ric, Carly, and Maxie's lives are all in danger as a lunatic Zacchara is on the loose.
GL: Coop gets mixed signals as Ashlee pushes him away for his own good.
OLTL: Starr fears Cole met with foul play after what she discovers at his house.
Passions: Eve meets with the hospital review board in a drugged-up state.
Y&R: Paul finally comes clean with Heather.