Monday, May 07, 2007

SPOILERS! Week of May 7th

AMC: It's Ryan and Annie's big day. Can Greenlee sit back quietly while her truelove marries another woman?
ATWT: With Cleo's help, Carly is able to finally see her children.
B&B: Rick and Phoebe's vocals are a big hit at Insomnia. Keep an eye out for a new cast member with a familiar face - and hair.
Days: Lucas has a surprising reaction to Sami's confession.
GH: Jason struggles to keep his secret as Elizabeth's condition deteriorates.
GL: Cassie resorts to drastic measures to get even with Alan for his role in Tammy's death.
OLTL: Rex believes there is something more to the marriage of Tate and Paula.
Passions: Little Ethan encounters the half-man/half-woman, who has news for the boy about his father.
Y&R: Sharon is honest with Nick about where her heart really lies.