Tuesday, May 08, 2007

SPOILERS for Y&R, B&B, ATWT, Passions and Days!

This week on The Young and the Restless:

  • Victor and Michael, armed with damaging secrets, make Ji Min an offer he can’t refuse.
  • With the life of her unborn baby in jeopardy, Victoria turns to J.T. for support.
  • Phyllis faces blackmail charges as Nikki and Jack try to maneuver the situation to their own advantage.
  • Lily secretly investigates Daniel’s computer file, catching him in a lie, and throwing their young marriage into turmoil.
  • Amber secretly pulls a stunt to manipulate her way into a life of luxury in the Chancellor mansion.

Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:
In a heated moment, Nick confronts Stephanie demanding information.

This Week on Passions:
Tuesday, May 8
Ethan begs Theresa not to have Jared's baby.
Sheridan calls on Spike for help.
Miguel is beat up in prison.

Wednesday, May 9
Ethan and Theresa hide from the blackmailer.
Luis plots to get Fancy to come back to the prison.
Julian tells Fox the only way he can win Kay is if Miguel dies.

Thursday, May 10
The Half-Man/Half-Woman finds Little Ethan.
Fancy and Luis come close to making love!
Fox and Julian order Spike to kill Miguel.

Friday, May 11
Theresa learns the Half-Man/Half-Woman has spoken to Little Ethan.
Luis is beaten by other guards while trying to protect Fancy.
Chad decides to get rid of Vincent once and for all!

Next Week on Passions:
Monday, May 14
Spike smothers Miguel!
Whitney thinks she might be pregnant.
Chad meets Vincent at the motel to put an end to their relationship.

Tuesday, May 15
Luis calls for help when he sees Miguel being attacked.
Chad pulls a gun on Vincent.
Endora tries to help her new friend.

Wednesday, May 16
Paloma confronts Vincent about the gunshot she heard.
Ethan tries to fool the blackmailer.
Julian offers Kay a deal for Miguel's freedom.

Thursday, May 17
The Half-Man/Half-Woman discovers Ethan's deception.
Vincent threatens Chad when he discovers he's still been sleeping with Whitney.
Fox eavesdrops on Julian's proposition to Kay.

Friday, May 18
Ethan traps the Half-Man/Half-Woman in the Crane Mausoleum!
Chad confesses his secret to Noah.
Kay agrees to Julian's deal.

Next week on Days of Our Lives:
Bo believes that Steve is in Tinda Lau to kill him and Shawn.
Philip, Belle and Claire are headed straight into a typhoon!
EJ follows Sami and Lucas to New Orleans.
Maggie finds Willow's panties in Nick's room!
Thursday - Sami and Lucas find themselves in Maison Blanche!
Friday - Wounded Shawn makes a desperate attempt to reach his family.

Tomorrow on As the World Turns:
Maura West returns to Oakdale as Carly. What will this mean for Jack and Katie?