Thursday, May 03, 2007

Eric Braeden Set to Star in The Man Who Came Back


Film and Television Vet, "Y&R" Lead Eric Braeden Switches to a Stetson to Executive Produce and Star in the Wild West feature "THE MAN WHO CAME BACK"

Also starring: Billy Zane, Armand Assante, George Kennedy, Sean Young, Carol Alt, Jennifer O'Dell, James Patrick Stewart and Peter Jason.

Journeymen Director Glen Pitre penned the screenplay and will direct

Los Angeles, CA - April 20, 2007 - Film and Television Vet, Eric Braeden who has starred as quintessentially the most popular character in daytime history, Victor Newman on the #1 rated daytime drama series "The Young And The Restless" for more than 27 years, will be taking a hiatus from the long-running soap and switching to a stetson and will star and executive produce the indie feature "The Man Who Came Back," a western where he will star opposite Billy Zane and Armand Assante. Braeden starred as John Jacob Astor in the Academy Award-winning film "Titanic" directed by James Cameron, as well as "Colossus: The Forbin Project" directed by Joe Sargent and the 1960s cult classic series "The Rat Patrol," among countless others.

Also cast in the feature is veteran character actor George Kennedy, along with Sean Young, Carol Alt, Peter Jason, Jennifer O'Dell (who starred in the syndicated TV series "The Lost World") and James Patrick Stewart.

Veteran indie director Glen Pitre (who wrote and directed "Belizaire the Cajun") penned the screenplay for "The Man Who Came Back" and will direct the feature, which is a revenge picture set in the context of the bloodiest labor strike in American History in the 1870s. Steve Bowen, Chuck Walker, Sam Cable and John Castellanos are slated to produce.

Shooting commenced in late April and will continue throughout May in various locations in Texas.


Anonymous said...

this shoot is going great.....they are now shooting at John Wayne's Alamo in Brackettville, Tx...

Anonymous said...

Great story, poorly acted movie. Would have been great if they had left out the SEX and nudity. Sorry I watched it, but Glad I watched it alone.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't wait to see this, bought it for a gift for Christmas for my husband. I knew it was R, I expected the violence, but not the sex and nudity. Could have left that out. This one goes in the Trash. We both said we can't watch this with our family. Terrible, I will never look at Eric Braeden the same again.