Monday, May 07, 2007

Info on Passions' Switch to DirecTV

Here are a few common questions about the Passions switch to DirecTV on September 17, 2007, and how that will affect your watching ability (from the people at Passions HQ):

Q) I want to make the switch to DIRECTV so I don't miss a single episode of "Passions." What do I do?

A) DIRECTV will make it easy for Passions viewers to keep track of the happenings in "Harmony" by providing fans free installation, a DVR or HD receiver upgrade, and a portable DVD player by calling a special phone number (866-788-0003) or visiting the Web ( that will give those without DIRECTV plenty of time to switch before the new season begins.

Q) I can't get DIRECTV. Will I still be able to watch "Passions" episodes online or on iTunes?

A) No, "Passions" will only be available exclusively on DIRECTV's Channel 101.

Q) Will the current message board still remain active?

A) Yes - will continue to be the center of the official "Passions" online community. Look for enhanced features and new content soon!

Q) Will my favorite characters still be on the show?

A) We hope to have all of our "Passions" cast and crew remain as the show moves to DIRECTV. We'll know for sure in the next several weeks. Please keep checking back here for updates!