Thursday, March 01, 2007

Alan Quartermaine Back from the Dead (for now)

Shocked and angry fans have gotten their wish. Alan Quartermaine is back, at least for now. Stuart Damon was fired from General Hospital after 30 years on the show, and fans and longtime cast members were outraged. Yes, his death would probably give a nice ratings boost to GH during February sweeps, but would it be worth it? Well, apparently GH has wised up because they are resurrecting Alan Quartermaine. No, he's not really alive; he's coming back as a ghost to haunt Tracy (Jane Elliot).

Damon's contract actually wasn't scheduled to expire until August, so the show has to pay him until then anyway. My guess is he will appear as a ghost until August, and then the producers will decide if they want to keep him. I doubt they will sign him to a contract again since, like all the soaps these days, they are trying to save money, so maybe he will be offered to stay on a recurring basis, which means he will appear here and there, but is free to pursue other acting opportunities.

Rumor had it that The Bold and the Beautiful was interested in him for the role of Massimo Marone (last played by Joseph Mascolo), but so far he hasn't been approached. The current rumor is that Guiding Light is interested in hiring him to play Ed Bauer (last played by Peter Simon). I would love to see Damon in either of these roles. Someone give this man a contract!