Monday, February 26, 2007

SPOILERS! Week of Feb. 26th

AMC: Tad and Ryan team up to save Kendall from the Satin Slayer.
ATWT: Emily finds her new career is hazardous to her health.
B&B: Taylor and Nick literally rock the boat, and one of them nearly drowns.
Days: Abby finds a potential new suitor in Jed, who is related to someone in Salem.
GH: Alan’s letter to Lulu sheds new light on the Rick Webber murder.
GL: Dylan (now played by Brian Gaskill) arrives in Springfield to keep daughter Daisy in line.
OLTL: Jessica feels guilty about her rekindled feelings for Nash.
Passions: The identity of Chad’s lover is revealed. Will Whitney find out?
Y&R: Neil finally believes Dru when he catches “Carmen” in the act.