Wednesday, February 28, 2007

"Young & Restless" Spring 2007 Spoilers

The folks at "Y&R" have been kind enough to share with us some spoilers for spring 2007. I’m most excited that Nikki is finally getting a storyline, Phyllis is embracing her inner bad girl again, and Victoria is close to learning the truth about Brad and Sharon. Here are some teasers for the next few months of the No.1-rated daytime soap:

  • Someone has it out for Prof. Korbel, taking every opportunity to destroy his career and drive him out of Genoa City and Colleen’s life.
  • Brad and Jack fight over who is best for Sharon. Uh, Brad, do you remember Victoria, your wife? Also, an unexpected development forces Brad and Sharon to admit their true feelings. Again, where does this leave Victoria, and will she find out?
  • Nikki has had it with Victor’s attitude toward her, but she might lose him for good if she goes too far to prove him wrong.
  • Phyllis goes back to her wicked ways when she blackmails Brad and Sharon about their one-night stand. Will Nick still love her when she shows her true colors?
  • Daniel’s preoccupation with Amber’s Web site could jeopardize his marriage to Lily.
  • The fallout from Kevin hacking into Jabot’s security system affects Jack, Katherine, Gloria, Jill, among others.


Unknown said...

yeah! Let Phyllis be bad again! and get her back together with Jack! They were so fun together.