Monday, March 05, 2007

SPOILERS! Week of Mar. 5th

AMC: Kendall has some unexpected good news for Zach.
ATWT: Dusty asks Jack to investigate Cheri's business. Will Emily's secret life as a working girl be exposed?
B&B: Rick gets a phone call from a woman from his past. Where does this leave Phoebe?
Days: Chelsea finds out her mother pulled a Mrs. Robinson on Nick.
GH: Sam finds herself uncomfortable around Amelia. Is this woman somehow linked to Sam's life before Port Charles?
GL: Daisy is nearly violated, and mom Harley doesn't believe her.
OLTL: Blair is seething with jealousy over Todd's attention to Evangeline.
Passions: Sheridan taunts Fancy with the truth about Fancy's sister, Pretty Crane.
Y&R: Phyllis overhears a conversation between Sharon and Brad. Will the old devious Phyllis emerge?