Monday, December 01, 2008

OLTL: Such a Tease!

All of Llanview celebrates Thanksgiving.
Viki is bowled over by Charlie’s unexpected surprise.
Blair and Starr reach out to Michael and Marcie.

Starr confronts Todd about his wanting to steal her baby.
Roxy sticks her nose in John’s love life.
Dr. Joplin makes an unsettling discovery.

Tess demands answers about Jessica’s baby.
Viki rips into Todd for what he did to her family.
John and Nora (Hillary B. Smith, pictured) give Marty more details about Todd’s misdeeds.

Marty and Blair have an awkward encounter.
Bess takes charge before Tess spins out of control.
Todd takes advantage of his chance to escape.

Marty vows to make Todd pay for what he did to her.
Dorian thinks she’s the answer to Vanessa and Lola’s problems.
John gives Todd a taste of his own medicine.