Friday, December 05, 2008

GH Show Songs for Sale

By popular demand, ABC is releasing some of your favorite songs from General Hospital.

Mirroring the story lines of the Emmy Award-winning daytime drama, these songs are about undying love, heartbreak, lust and loss. Many of the songs have been themes for couples like Jason and Liz, Luke and Tracy, Jax and Carly, and Lulu and Logan. Hearing these songs will take you right back to the excitement and romance your favorite daytime drama brings you each and every day.

Some of the songs (and the characters) include: "Ours to Keep" (Jason and Elizabeth); "So Right" (Luke and Tracy); "Patience" (Jax and Carly); "Something About You" (Lulu and Logan); "Just Close Your Eyes" (Nikolas and Nadine) and "One Thing On My Mind" (Ric and Claudia), among others. Watch for more upcoming releases!

Each of the songs are available for purchase via iTunes starting December 15th for the price of 99 cents each. Log on to, or