Monday, December 01, 2008

GH: Such a Tease!

Elizabeth tells Lucky he was right about Jason being too dangerous for her.
Carly (Laura Wright, pictured) sets out to settle the score with Kate.
Sonny asserts his new power.

Ric keeps Claudia at arm’s length.
Tracy tells Luke she’s calling it quits for good.
Kate wants to make Sonny suffer for breaking her heart.

Jason and Sam are a step closer to finding Jake.
Robin’s frustrated by Patrick’s natural ability with Emma.
Luke vows to win Tracy back.

Nikolas has a surprising announcement for Nadine.
Claudia’s impressed by how well Sonny deals with his enemies.
The fate of Luke and Tracy’s marriage rests on a card game.

Jason and Sam are in a race against time.
Sonny reminds Anthony that he’s calling the shots now.
Carly gets her revenge on Kate.