Tuesday, May 13, 2008

SPOILERS! Week of May 12th

AMC: Erica begs Jack not to tell Greenlee about Kendall and Aidan.
ATWT: Emily tries to fire Casey after their rendenzvous in New York.
B&B: Marcus introduces himself to Donna. Will Pammy find out her secret?
Days: Lucas is denied parole, and Sami gives herself permission to show EJ how she feels.
GH: Elizabeth gives Jason a shoulder to cry on after Michael is institutionalized.
GL: Cyrus fights the temptation to cheat again when another woman makes a pass.
OLTL: Todd corners Starr and Cole as they try to flee.
Passions: Even though he just gave birth, Vincent is ready to make Sheridan pay for her crimes.
Y&R: Drunk on cocktails, Gloria mistakes Alistair for John and relives her past.