Tuesday, May 13, 2008

SOAPnet's MVP: The Secret Lives of Hockey Wives

SOAPnet is adding more original series to its slate and will premiere MVP: The Secret Lives of Hockey Wives (working title) on Thursday, June 19. A total of 10 one-hour scripted episodes will air Thursdays at 11:00 p.m. The series, produced by Screen Door Inc., follows the on and off-the-ice drama surrounding the Canadian Mustangs hockey team and the women in their lives.

“SOAPnet will increase its original program offerings this spring and summer. MVP is an intense drama with a great cast and interesting stories,” said Brian Frons, president, Daytime, Disney-ABC Television Group. “Our record-breaking success with General Hospital: Night Shift last year reinforces that our viewers have an insatiable appetite for serialized drama. MVP is the next series to fill that need.”

MVP is a fun, fabulous, sexy drama with a gorgeous cast and provocative stories. We are thrilled it has found a perfect U.S. home with SOAPnet,” says Mary Young Leckie of Screen Door Inc.

The star player dies of an overdose. His pampered wife ends up on the street. Their daughter sleeps with the hot new rookie ... and the season hasn’t even started yet! The series uncovers all the shocking scandal of hockey players living the life of instant wealth, excess and tabloid celebrity, with their girlfriends and wives all joining in the crazy ride. When the uniforms are folded and the gear comes off, that’s when the game REALLY gets interesting.

Welcome to the sexy, scandalous, fabulous world of MVP. The cast stars Lucas Bryant (“Gabe McCall”), Dillon Casey (“Trevor Lemonde”), Mathew Bennett (“Malcom LeBlanc”), Peter Miller (“Damon Trebuchet”), Kristin Booth (“Connie Lewis”), Anastasia Phillips (“Tabbi Schnaare”), Deborah Odell (“Evelyn McBride”), Natalie Krill (“Molly McBride”) and Olivia Waldriff (“Grace Morris”).


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