Friday, May 25, 2007

MORE Familiar Faces Return to Days!

In another bold move to generate higher ratings (and, presumably, to avoid the fate of Passions), Days of Our Lives has re-signed Renee Jones to return to her role of Lexie Carver on June 14.

Also, Anna Fredricks Brady DiMera will be returning, in the form of original portrayer, Leann Hunley. Leann played Anna from 1982-86, winning a Best Supporting Actress Daytime Emmy Award in 1986 for the role. A little off-topic, I really liked her character, Tamara Jacobs, on Dawson's Creek. You know, the teacher who had an affair with her young student, Pacey Witter. I know it was wrong, but who cares -- it's fiction, right?

Also, check out the pic below of Leann and Thaoo Penghlis back in the day. Love it!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

New All My Children Head Writers Announced

All My Children has filled the shoes of former head writer Megan McTavish with two well-known writers: Barbara J. Esensten and James Harmon Brown. The two previously have written for Dynasty, Guiding Light, Days of Ours Lives and One Life to Live, to name a few.

According to a statement by ABC's Brian Scott Frons: "We're thrilled to welcome this talented team back to ABC. They're known for telling compelling stories that take characters and viewers on a great emotional ride, and their creative vision promises to continue the show's tradition of cutting-edge storylines. Fans can expect an exciting summer in Pine Valley and can look forward to even more of the romance and intrigue they have come to love and look for on All My Children."

"Combined with their ability to take creative and emotional risks, Barbara and Jim write with commitment to character integrity and honesty," added AMC executive producer Julie Hanan Carruthers. "I look forward to working with them again and welcome them to All My Children."

Farah Fath Coming to OLTL

Farah Fath (ex-Mimi, Days) will be arriving in Llanview in September. According to the actress's Web site: "I was considered for [Sarah Roberts, who will be played by newcomer Justis Bolding] but the execs have decided to write a role just for me, which is why I won't start taping for a few months. I am SO honored and excited."

I am expecially excited for the actress because when I spoke with her last year (after she had announced she was leaving Days), she was eager to try on a new role other than Mimi, which was her first major role in "the biz." And now, only a few months later, Farah has inked a multiyear deal with an awesome show.

Congrats, Farah. We can't wait to see you this Fall!

Days Casting News

On Thursday, May 31, Steve Blackwood returns to the role of Bart, the DiMera's (and my fave) henchman. I love the comic relief he brings to his scenes, especially his interaction with Thaao Penghlis. The exasperated looks Tony gives poor Bart could melt the ice off and Eskimo's igloo!

Trevor Donovan will be coming to Salem on Friday, June 1 as Stephanie's bad-boy boyfriend, Jeremy Horton (son of Mike Horton and Robin Jacobs, cousin to Abby Horton).

Arriving with Jeremy will be Jett Carver, played by Marcus Patrick, who is the son of Abe's dead brother, Theo.

Need More Spoilers?!?! Look Below!

The Bold and the Beautiful
Tomorrow, Stephanie fiercely protects Ridge from Brooke and the two ladies do battle.

Days of Our Lives
Thaao Penghlis returns as Tony DiMera on Thursday, as EJ drugs Sami and brings her right to Tony! Also, on Friday, Belle asks comatose John for a sign of Claire's safety and he gives her one -- he wakes up! Next week, Shawn, Belle and Philip realize that Claire was taken. Sami challenges EJ to propose a truce between the DiMeras and the Bradys.

Next week, Whitney tells Chad that she hates him, as he begs her for forgiveness. Julian tells Theresa he knows that Ethan is Little Ethan's father. The Half-Man/Half-Woman pulls a gun on Father Lonigan.

SPOILERS! Week of May 21st

Sorry these are a bit late - I completely forgot! Have a good week and enjoy your stories :)

AMC: Zach keeps Hannah's special request a secret from Kendall.
ATWT: Gwen invites Cleo to live with her and Will, a decision she most likely will come to regret.
B&B: Ridge wrestles with his conscience. Will he turn himself in before Nick is sentenced?
Days: A comatose John shows signs of life during Belle's visit.
GH: Carly finds herself a new female rival in Kate, Sonny's new neighbor.
GL: Natalia's son Rafe, the latest juvi inmate, comes to Daisy's rescue.
OLTL: Marty seeks help from a fellow counselor after having a disturbing memory.
Passions: This is the week Whitney learns the truth about Chad!
Y&R: Gloria's dreams -- and nightmares -- come true when Will makes a move.