Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Farah Fath Coming to OLTL

Farah Fath (ex-Mimi, Days) will be arriving in Llanview in September. According to the actress's Web site: "I was considered for [Sarah Roberts, who will be played by newcomer Justis Bolding] but the execs have decided to write a role just for me, which is why I won't start taping for a few months. I am SO honored and excited."

I am expecially excited for the actress because when I spoke with her last year (after she had announced she was leaving Days), she was eager to try on a new role other than Mimi, which was her first major role in "the biz." And now, only a few months later, Farah has inked a multiyear deal with an awesome show.

Congrats, Farah. We can't wait to see you this Fall!