Friday, May 25, 2007

MORE Familiar Faces Return to Days!

In another bold move to generate higher ratings (and, presumably, to avoid the fate of Passions), Days of Our Lives has re-signed Renee Jones to return to her role of Lexie Carver on June 14.

Also, Anna Fredricks Brady DiMera will be returning, in the form of original portrayer, Leann Hunley. Leann played Anna from 1982-86, winning a Best Supporting Actress Daytime Emmy Award in 1986 for the role. A little off-topic, I really liked her character, Tamara Jacobs, on Dawson's Creek. You know, the teacher who had an affair with her young student, Pacey Witter. I know it was wrong, but who cares -- it's fiction, right?

Also, check out the pic below of Leann and Thaoo Penghlis back in the day. Love it!