Tuesday, July 17, 2007

SPOILERS for B&B, Days, Passions and Y&R!

The Bold and the Beautiful
Tomorrow, it's the day of the duet competition at Insomnia. Also, Stephanie testifies at Brooke's hearing.

Days of Our Lives
Next Week:
* The real Tony reunites with Anna and Roman is heartbroken.
* Chelsea informs Stephanie that Jeremy cheated on her.
* EJ's beeping briefcase puts Sami in harm's way.
* Shawn and Belle share a very special moment at the beach.
* Max trails Jeremy and discovers that his business is illegal.
* Thursday, July 26, Jerry Springer makes an appearance as a Las Vegas gambler.
* Friday, July 27, John sets up a sting operation with Abe and Lexie.

Monday, July 23
* Gwen vows to never let Theresa marry Ethan.
* Kay and Miguel make love!
* Norma and Mrs. Wallace make a deal with the boys downstairs.

Tuesday, July 24
* Whitney is suspicious of Gwen.
* Noah wonders if Paloma will accept his proposal.
* Pilar breaks up a fight between Sheridan and Fancy.

Wednesday, July 25
* The governor will not grant a stay of execution for Luis.
* Norma and Mrs. Wallace are in trouble with the boys in the basement!
* Luis' family and friends prepare a final meal for him.

Thursday, July 26
* Noah asks for Luis' blessing to marry Paloma.
* Luis insists Theresa confess her secret to Ethan.
* A demon tries to take Endora.

Friday, July 27
* Luis accepts Fancy's proposal!
* Sheridan wants to tell Luis about Pretty.
* Tabitha is shocked by Endora's powers.

The Young and the Restless
This Week:
* Victor and Nikki’s business disagreements escalate, leading to a shocking decision.
* After making a surprising revelation, William dies, leaving behind a devastated Gloria.
* Kevin, Daniel and Amber panic as Carson gets closer to the truth about Plum.
* Lily and Daniel’s marriage hangs by a thread as Lily learns of Daniel’s arrest.
* Neil tries to adjust as Karen takes over Dru’s position at Newman Enterprises.