Monday, July 16, 2007

REMINDER: Watch "Rachael Ray" and Win Tix to the Show!

On Tuesday, July 17, the Susan Lucci will be appearing on the “Rachael Ray” show (check your local listings for station and air times). The folks at “Rachael Ray” conducted a national search for the “Worst PJ’s in America” and asked Lucci to be their makeover expert.

Now, make sure you watch the show carefully, maybe even Tivo it, because you will have had to have seen this "Rachael Ray" episode to have a chance at winning the contest. On Wednesday, July 18, we will be posting a question about something that happened or something that someone said on the Susan Lucci episode of the "Rachael Ray" show. You will be able to e-mail your answers to an e-mail address that we will provide at that time. Only one entry allowed per person. All those who have given correct answers will be eligible to win 2 tickets to the "Rachael Ray" Show! Their names literally will be placed in a hat, and one winner will be drawn to win the tickets to the show. These tickets are highly coveted and have a 2-year waiting list. So please, don't enter the contest if you (or someone you know) won't be able to use the tickets.

Good Luck!