Wednesday, July 18, 2007

CONTEST! Win Tickets to the "Rachael Ray" Show!

The contest is finally here, folks. One lucky winner will receive two tickets to a taping of the "Rachael Ray" show. The show has a waiting list of almost two years, however, we have tickets to give away to our faithful readers. We hope you watched yesterday's episode of the "Rachael Ray" show, featuring Susan Lucci of All My Children. Here is the question:

While Susan is discussing being a grandmother, she says she wants her nickname to be "Grandie." What name does Rachael suggest that Susan's grandchildren call her by?

Please e-mail your answers to with your full name, address and daytime telephone number. DO NOT ANSWER IN THE COMMENTS SECTION OF THIS BLOG POST. All answers in the blog comments will be deleted, as it will give away the answer to people who might not have known the answer otherwise. Only one (1) entry per person. All duplicate entries will be deleted. All correct answers will be entered into a random drawing. All entries must be received by Sunday, July 29, 2007. The winner will be contacted via e-mail and will be announced in a future column.