Tuesday, May 01, 2007

OLTL Scrambles to Rewrite Story Arc

In light of the recent tragedy at Virginia Tech, One Life to Live has been busy rewriting and reshooting approximately 17 episodes. The story line was to revolve around a hostage crisis at a high school involving Henry and some of his classmates, and it was supposed to be the highlight their big May Sweeps episodes. Even though the hostage crisis was going to be resolved without gunfire or injury, the folks at OLTL decided that it was best to scrap the whole idea, out of respect for the victims of the VT tragedy and their families, classmates and community members.

"Out of respect to those affected by this devastating tragedy, especially the families, I felt that it was important to remove this story line from our show," executive producer Frank Valentini said in a statement.

Ths hostage drama story line began taping in March and was supposed to have begun airing on May 14th.