Thursday, May 06, 2010

Interview (OLTL): Crystal Hunt on Her Future, Part Two

Daytime Emmy-nominated actress Crystal Hunt (left, photo by Alex Kroke) recently left her role of Stacy Morasco on “One Life to Live,” but she hasn’t dipped below our radar. As a woman who always has something in the works, she’s got plenty to keep herself busy. When I caught up with her recently, she was thrilled to take me on a trip down memory lane, as well as keep me up-to-date on her future plans.

Daytime Dial: You received your first Daytime Emmy nomination as Lizzie on “Guiding Light.” Take me through the day of the Emmy ceremony.

Crystal Hunt: That day was crazy. I can’t imagine a wedding day being more nerve-wracking or crazy. You not only spend all day getting ready because you want to look perfect, but you’re going to a televised awards show, so you don’t want your stomach to stick out, but you don’t know how you should eat, or what you’re supposed to eat. Will I get sick if I eat because I am so nervous?

When you get to the ceremony, you are walking down one of the longest red carpets you will ever walk on. You stop at every single journalist to interview with them, answering a lot of the same questions over and over again. By the time the show starts, the last thing you want to hear is your category being announced, because you are so nervous.

There is that moment when they are reading your category, calling out the nominees, and there’s the camera right there in your face, waiting to see how you react, whether or not you win. That is the most stressful moment in your life. You feel your face getting hot, and you feel like a train is crashing into your chest. When they say someone else’s name as the winner, secretly you are relieved because you don’t have to go up onto the stage and take the chance of flubbing up a speech, but yet because you did want to win, you are hoping your face doesn’t look too disappointed for the person who did win.

DD: Tell me about some of the charities you are involved in.

CH: Recently I’ve been doing a lot for the breast cancer charities. I did the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, and I am getting ready to do the Revlon Walk. My mother survived breast cancer last year. It is incredible to be there walking next to my mother, and seeing all these people walking with these signs on their backs, these 5-year-old kids walking with their dads and wearing a sign that says “In Memory of Mommy.” There are a ton of “In Memory of” signs.

As you’re walking, you’re trying to hold back tears as you read people’s backs. I walked with some of my cast members from “GL” and from “OLTL,” and we were so proud to be walking with my mom, with our signs that said “In Honor Of” my mother. It was such a cool feeling.

DD: Do you get a lot of your co-stars to support your charities?

CH: Oh, I always rope people in. Especially for the Susan G. Komen Walk. Tom Pelphrey and Bree Williamson came with me and decided to run instead of walk, and they were waiting for us at the finish – they left us in the dust.

DD: What do have planned next for your fans, who are eager to see you onscreen again?

CH: Stay tuned. I am working on some stuff. I have a film coming out this year that I did a while ago called “Brooklyn to Manhattan.” It’s a suspense-thriller.