Friday, May 07, 2010

Interview (GH): Dante and Lulu — Finally

Like most soap couples, Dante Falconeri and Lulu Spencer have been through hell and high water together. Unlike many couples, they had yet to consummate their relationship — until this week, that is. After months of waiting — for Dante and Lulu, and not to mention, “General Hospital” fans — we get to see, as Julie Marie Berman describes it, “fireworks.” But, as always, we have a rigamarole of other Port Charles obstacles in the way of long-lived happiness.

Daytime Dial: Lulu has been very supportive of Dante and all the stuff he’s been going through with Sonny. How does she feel about Dante being Sonny’s son?

Julie Marie Berman: I don’t think it would matter that he is Sonny’s kid, except for the fact that Sonny shot him knowing that he was a good person and that he had saved his life, and he had saved Morgan’s life and he had saved Lulu’s life — the fact that Sonny didn’t have enough respect for Dante as a person when he shot him, regardless of the fact that Dante is his son. I think Lulu lost a lot of respect for Sonny, and she doesn’t like Sonny as a person. I think it would take a long, long time before she’ll ever come around to ever having any sort of respect for Sonny again.

DD: Lulu has a way of being able to see both sides of pretty much any situation, what with Luke being her father. Do you think that helps her with the Dante/Sonny situation?

JMB: I think it makes things a little more confusing. I don’t think she ever tries to say that one way is right and one way in wrong, or whether the law is 100 percent right or not. I think for most of her life, she hasn’t trusted the law, and for the first time being involved with someone who enforces the law, I think she is trying to live her life and let the system do the right thing. Obviously, being in Port Charles, the law never really is enforced when it comes to Sonny. I think we’ll see what happens with Lulu’s point of view then if Sonny still never has to pay for what he does.

DD: Lulu is also very loyal, especially to those she loves. What are some other Lulu traits that you admire and that you can relate to?

JMB: At the end of the day, she’s always trying to do the right thing. I don’t think she always succeeds. I don’t think it’s really possible to succeed; she’s not perfect. She’s always trying to see the bigger picture. She sticks up for what she believes is the right thing, and I think that’s really admirable. She’s not a pushover. She learns from her mistakes, and I find that really interesting and admirable — it’s good for the progression of the character.

DD: That’s not a quality you see on daytime nowadays: people actually learning from their mistakes!

JMB: Absolutely, and if Lulu’s around for another 20 years, I might not be able to say that anymore, but, in this case, she has definitely never made the same mistake twice.

DD: Dante and Lulu finally consummate their relationship — they’ve certainly been waiting a long time, especially by soap-opera standards.

JMB: It’s definitely worth the wait. These characters are wonderful together, and I think they have a great chemistry that’s always passionate and exciting to watch.

DD: How is Dominic Zamprogna to work with?

JMB: I’ve always said that I like working with people who love what they do. Dominic constantly wants to make things better and challenge himself, and I totally thrive in that kind of environment where people want to make things great. We come together mutually in that respect, and we have a ridiculous amount of fun working together. It’s very easy when you both have that drive to make things great and you actually like the actors that you’re with. It’s the perfect combination.