Thursday, March 05, 2009

Don Diamont's New Role

Don Diamont's Brad Carlton was recently killed off by "The Young and the Restless." Now the show's sister soap is hoping his fans will follow him to "The Bold and the Beautiful."

Diamont has joined "B&B" in the contract role of Bill Spencer Jr., executive producer and head writer Bradley P. Bell announced today. “Don is a versatile actor with a vast range of talent,” said Bell. “It is my pleasure to welcome him to B&B.”

The newly created character of Bill Spencer Jr. will arrive in Los Angeles following the sudden death of his father, Bill Spencer Sr. (originally played by Jim Storm from 1987 to 1994), and he will immediately become embroiled in the lives of the Forresters, Logans and Marones. Diamont will first air during May sweeps--May 12th, in fact.


Soaprah said...

Hi Daytime Dial - I cannot tell you how excited I am about Diamont's return. I also think "The Bold and the Beautiful" can use an infusion of talent that only Diamont can bring to the canvas in LA. I love the guy and it's good to see you are waiting as I am for his return.

In the interest of full disclosure here, I cover soap operas for I am the Soap Opera Examiner over there so I thought I would mention that. I just stopped by to cheer you on for writing about Don Diamont. He has been a longtime favorite of mine and I think he will really shake up the stale love lives that are signature over at B&B.

Thanks for letting me intrude and keep writing. Your site is great.