Monday, February 09, 2009

OLTL: Such a Tease!

Someone is keeping a close eye on Rex and Gigi.
John grows suspicious of Wes.
Tea is forced to come clean with Lola (Camila Banus, pictured).

Viki fears there’s trouble brewing on the horizon.
Matthew has no choice but to rat out Cole.
The mystery woman keeps Rex and Gigi in her sights.

Jessica admits to Brody she doesn’t feel a connection to Chloe.
The mystery woman takes a great interest in Rex and Gigi’s lives.
Viki implores Natalie to make peace with Jessica.

The Go Red Ball promises an evening full of surprises.
Marty convinces Wes to crash the ball with her.
Gigi can’t believe her eyes.

Mismatched dance partners spell trouble at the Go Red Ball.
David wants the truth from Dorian.
Wes accuses Marty of playing games with John.