Friday, February 13, 2009

Brian Austin Green Talks David Silver

(For the full interview with Brian Austin Green - pictured with fiancee, Megan Fox - head over to:

You've said you probably won't go back to 'Beverly Hills 90210,' but now that your '90210' wife Tori Spelling is on the show, is there any chance you might make an appearance?

I don't know … it's hard, it's a hard thing for me. It was a great 10 years, but I kind of feel like unless there's a really cool reason for it, or if they've written something really clever in an interesting way of bringing the character back ... I really don't want to just walk out and just be David Silver in the Peach Pit.

What do you think David Silver would be like now, as a guy in his mid-30s?
I would assume broke. I think he's probably completely broke cause he's been trying to do music forever, and everybody knows you don't really make money in music -- only the top, like, 2%. So, I'm sure he's broke, [but] I guess he could be DJing on some goofy morning show or something ... but nah, I don't think he's the most successful person.

Do you watch the new '90210'?
I haven't seen it yet ... I didn't watch '90210' when I was on it. So for me to watch it now just seems sort of ... you know, I would question myself.


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