Monday, February 16, 2009

GH: Such a Tease!

Sam’s life is on the line.
Sonny dismisses Rayner’s threats.
Johnny sets out to rescue Maxie.

Ric warns Sonny not to trust Claudia.
Sam and Jason search for a missing Spinelli.
Rebecca wants Nikolas to stay away from her.

Kate vows revenge on Sonny and Claudia.
Maxie reunites with Spinelli.
Rebecca threatens to have Nikolas arrested for stalking.

Jax and Carly can’t keep their hands off each other.
Maxie and Lulu (Julie Marie Berman, pictured) face a crisis at Crimson.
Winifred warns Spinelli he’s not out of the woods yet.

Sonny sides with Claudia over Kate.
Jason and Sonny agree to work together to find Anthony.
Sam and Lucky have an amicable parting of ways.