Monday, February 16, 2009

AMC: Such a Tease!

Ryan drops a bombshell on Kendall.
Greenlee’s (Rebecca Budig, pictured) life is in jeopardy.
Annie experiences a breakthrough.

Greenlee’s loved ones fear the worst.
Bianca orders Reese to stay away from her.
David reminds Amanda that he has her under his thumb.

Ryan threatens to destroy Zach.
Annie pushes Sinclair too far.
Bianca confronts Reese about kissing Zach.

Annie finds a savior in Aidan.
Bianca tells Reese they’re through.
Reese blames Ryan for ruining her life.

Bianca wonders about the state of Zach and Kendall’s marriage.
Ryan warns Erica he’s going to make Zach pay.
Kendall refuses to help Bianca.