Thursday, May 22, 2008

POLL: Younger Actor Daytime Emmy Awards

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Inturn'ers Battle It Out for Top Spot

It's that time again. Tune into As The World Turns on Thursday, May 29; Tuesday, June 3; and Thursday, June 5 to see the three CBS Inturn finalists battle it out for their chance to win a 13-week contract on the show. Voting will commence on Friday, June 6 on

Also, while you're visiting the CBS site, try to visit the Fan Panel section each week (you can sign up to be notified). I really think this is one of the best ways to let execs know how you feel about current storylines and couplings. My only complaint is sometimes the questions ask you what you think will happen and not your opinion. I can't predict the future, and the questions they tend to ask are about stories that have already been written and set to broadcast, so I feel like these questions are useless. However, when they do ask us questions like which stories keep you tuning in, or what do you think about a certain character, it's good to fill those out in order to get your opinion heard. This week's poll is about Guiding Light:

POLL: How Can GL Get Out of Its Ratings Slump?

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

SPOILERS: ATWT, B&B, Days, GL, Passions and Y&R

This Week:
• Lucinda has harsh words for Lily.
• Katie lays down the law for Brad about Janet.
• Col. Mayer shocks Ameera with his arrival.
• Emily and Casey are caught in an uncomfortable situation.
• Paul tries to set boundaries with Sofie.

This Week:
• The tables turn on Phoebe when she plans a surprise for Taylor.
• Donna reminisces about her past, and the stranger that’s come to visit.
• Eric makes a dangerous deal with his family.
• Nick assists Katie in conquering her fear.
• A mother/child reunion ends abruptly.

This Week:
• Sami goes to Marlena for advice about Lucas.
• Tony surprises Anna by proposing to her.
• Kayla and Steve name their baby.
• Lucas is put under house arrest - at the DiMera mansion.
• Nicole is drawn to EJ, but he tells her he’s with Sami.
Thursday — Chloe goes to Philip to figure out where they stand with each other.
Friday — Chelsea tells Daniel that she wants more than just his friendship.
Next Week:
• When Chloe tells Philip she’s leaving, he pulls her into an intense kiss.
• Stephanie hears about possible gunfire at the docks.
• Nicole and Ava meet and strike up a conversation.
• Anna asks Kate if she and Roman are getting back together.
• Kayla is discharged from the hospital.
Thursday — Max rushes out of Chez Rouge when he sees Nick with Dean Robbins.
Friday — Abe interrogates John.

This Week:
• Cassie rails at Josh for his betrayal.
• Reva shocks Jeffrey with a proposal.
• Ava backs Bill into a corner.
• Daisy continues down a dangerous path.
• Rick tries to bond with baby Peyton.

Next Week:
Monday, May 26
• “Gertrude” gets an unexpected kiss.
• Luis worries about Sheridan after she is rushed to the hospital.
• Sam learns that Julian’s gun did not actually kill Alistair.
Tuesday, May 27
• Ethan and Gertrude have a heart-to-heart conversation.
• Pilar lashes out at Juanita.
• Eve learns that Vincent was the one who pushed Sheridan.
Wednesday, May 28
• Ethan and Gwen plan to renew their wedding vows.
• Juanita gets closer to Harmony.
• Sam discovers Ivy’s body.

This Week:
• The Newmans experience sadness and grief on the third anniversary of Cassie’s death.
• Danny returns to Genoa City and makes Daniel an offer that could change his life and upset his relationship with Amber.
• After a passionate “mistake” with Alistair, Gloria makes plans to reclaim her diamonds, but is Jeff a step ahead of her?
• Concerned about Nikki, Paul investigates David’s past – and his past marriages.
• Adam’s mistake leads to a potentially disastrous lawsuit. Will he incur Victor’s wrath?

Monday, May 19, 2008

CASTING NEWS: Beth and Ricky Reunited Again

It didn't take long. Right on the heels of Ricky Paull's Goldin exit from Guiding Light as Gus Aitoro, his friend and co-star Beth Ehlers has chosen to leave the Light as well. Goldin is now the new Dr. Jake Martin on All My Children, and AMC has wisely decided to capitalize on the duo's popularity by hiring Ehlers. Rumor has it she will be the new Liza Colby, last played by the marvelous Marcy Walker who is now a children's minister outside of Charlotte, N.C. AMC won't confirm the role of Liza is now Ehlers' and may, in fact, have another part for her in mind, but either way, I'm sure she will be sharing scenes with Goldin, if not paired up as his love interest.

When Goldin and Ehlers had great story, they were must-see TV. I hope the writers for AMC can do them justice. With a lot of fans and actors disgruntled with GL's new format, I'm worried this might soon be the last of the Light, a soap I've watched since I was 8 years old. Maybe they can use the budget freed up from Goldin's and Ehlers' contracts to return to the traditional 3-camera studio format and hire back some old faves like Grant Aleksander (Phillip), Paul Anthony Stewart (Danny), Jerry ver Dorn (Ross, now Clint on One Life to Live), among others.

Question for GL fans out there, will you be tuning in to AMC just to watch Goldin and Ehlers?