Monday, May 19, 2008

CASTING NEWS: Beth and Ricky Reunited Again

It didn't take long. Right on the heels of Ricky Paull's Goldin exit from Guiding Light as Gus Aitoro, his friend and co-star Beth Ehlers has chosen to leave the Light as well. Goldin is now the new Dr. Jake Martin on All My Children, and AMC has wisely decided to capitalize on the duo's popularity by hiring Ehlers. Rumor has it she will be the new Liza Colby, last played by the marvelous Marcy Walker who is now a children's minister outside of Charlotte, N.C. AMC won't confirm the role of Liza is now Ehlers' and may, in fact, have another part for her in mind, but either way, I'm sure she will be sharing scenes with Goldin, if not paired up as his love interest.

When Goldin and Ehlers had great story, they were must-see TV. I hope the writers for AMC can do them justice. With a lot of fans and actors disgruntled with GL's new format, I'm worried this might soon be the last of the Light, a soap I've watched since I was 8 years old. Maybe they can use the budget freed up from Goldin's and Ehlers' contracts to return to the traditional 3-camera studio format and hire back some old faves like Grant Aleksander (Phillip), Paul Anthony Stewart (Danny), Jerry ver Dorn (Ross, now Clint on One Life to Live), among others.

Question for GL fans out there, will you be tuning in to AMC just to watch Goldin and Ehlers?


Anonymous said...

Absolutely! I am definitely tuning in to AMC to watch Beth Ehlers and Ricky Paull Goldin in action.

Goodbye Springfield, Hello Pine Valley!

Unknown said...

I am sad to see GL as it is slowly whithering and dying. I've watched the show since I was 10, way back in 1982.

I am glad to see that Beth and Ricky are together again, and cross my fingers that they will be love interests again. Their chemistry is undeniable!

funtangirls said...

I've already turned on AMC just to see Ricky Paull Goldin. I just hope AMC doesn't immediately try to pair the two of them up again. Both actors need time to sink their teeth into these new characters to transform and become these charcters before being pushed into some new "great" coupling.

Unknown said...

funtangirls, you are absolutely on the mark with your comment. Hopefully AMC will pay heed!