Monday, November 17, 2008

OLTL: What a Tease!

Blair (Kassie DePaiva, pictured) is blown away by John’s news about Todd and Marty.
Cole can’t believe his eyes when he sees Marty at the hospital.
Todd dreams of what might have been.

Cole and Blair unleash their anger on Todd.
John doesn’t know what the future holds for him and Blair.
Jessica is horrified to learn what Tess did to Natalie and Jared.

Marty comes face to face with Todd.
Blair tells Starr the awful truths about what Todd did.
Jessica struggles with her alters.

Jessica gains more insight into her plight after meeting Bess.
John forces Mayor Lowell to eat his words.
Dorian questions Blair about her and John’s relationship.

John decides to play by his own rules.
Cole desperately tries to make Marty remember him.
Todd is forced to take a look at the kind of man he really is.