Monday, November 17, 2008

AMC: What a Tease!

Annie’s scheme spins out of her control.
Brot witnesses Jake and Taylor's closeness.
David and Amanda plot against JR.

Ryan (Cameron Mathison, pictured) and Annie are in a race against time in their search for Emma.
Colby urges Brot to let Taylor know he’s alive.
Amanda invokes memories of Babe in her efforts to manipulate JR.

Ryan grows more certain that Annie’s been up to no good.
Adam enlists Pete to spy on Erica for him.
Colby offers to let Brot hide out at the mansion.

Bianca reaches out to Reese’s parents.
Amanda’s latest stunt pushes JR over the top.
Krystal turns to David for comfort.

Ryan confronts Annie with his suspicions.
David refuses to let Amanda out of the deal they made.
Greenlee clashes with Erica at Fusion.