Saturday, November 08, 2008

AMC: Such a Tease!

Ryan begins to have his doubts about Aidan.
Frankie wants answers concerning Taylor.
David pushes Tad to his breaking point.

Aidan and Annie are playing a dangerous game.
Jesse forces Angie to be honest with him.
Tad and Krystal (Bobbie Eakes, pictured) form a united front against David.

A ghost named Aggie visits Pine Valley in its hour of need.
Jack is surprised by Erica’s new living arrangement.
David makes Amanda an offer she can’t refuse.

Ryan shares his suspicions about Annie with Aidan.
It seems like old times for Adam and Erica.
Frankie is torn about whether or not to tell Taylor the truth.

David and Amanda put their plan in motion.
Annie’s unwitting partner in crime threatens to expose her misdeeds.
Pete’s declaration of love falls on Colby’s deaf ears.